Monday, March 13, 2017

Challenging and Interesting Day, to be Sure

Started out very early so I could be at the County offices by 8. Before that, I stopped at Smiths, filled up 2 three-gallon jugs of water and picked up a 21# bag of clay litter with a coupon), gassed up the car, and then County. From there, I headed to Walmart to get the one missing skein of yarn I needed to finish 2 pair of my crocheted slippers for an order for a friend.

At Walmart, when I parked the car, I walked to the front to a lonely shopping cart, and immediately saw the water pouring out from my car onto the ground. Knowing what we were up against (see story, about the car,here), I decided to just go into Walmart and make the necessary calls when I came out. 

Years ago, I would have filled up the radiator and drove it to my guy’s shop, watching the temperature gauge. And if it overheated, I’d stop and fill again, or if it overheated, I’d get out, and push/roll it to the curb. I cannot do that now at this stage of my life, so towing was the safest option.

First I called my guy to let him know the car would be towed in this morning. He had no trouble allowing it to stay at his shop until the part comes in Wednesday and was willing to drive me (and the water and the litter and the yarn) back home.

Next, I called road service. By now, it was almost 9 and rush hour, so I knew they would be backed up. 10:20 was the ETA. So I sat. And I sat. And I talked to folks nice enough to stop when they saw this Senior sitting in her dirty old car, hood up, and door open.

My guy is getting very nervous about the fact that the Saturn parts for my make, year, are getting discontinued steadily and that we might have an issue down the line where a part is not available.
Now, I have no trouble with junkyard parts. Been there, done that. But that is not for a part such as this water pump or other parts which I really do need to be reliable. You can’t be sure about some parts from a salvage car.

And I did finally get back home before Noon, .

Happily, the rest of the day I spent contemplating my life ... and being grateful that the car did not break down in the middle of traffic, even though I will be without a car for a few days.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for always watching out for me. This could have happened in the middle of the rush hour crush. It could have happened somewhere less comfortable to wait than in a Walmart parking lot. Thank you that I had my prepaid non-smart flip phone with me to make the calls. And thank you that my mechanic was happy to bring me home. For that and all else, thank you.




Evelyn Mayfield said...

He sure did, Sandy. So nice...made the time pass more easily...