Sunday, March 12, 2017

Got Some Things Done Today, Inside and Outside

Well, I managed to get some things done today.

Outside, before Noon, because this week we’re hitting the 80s, I pulled weeds. Then I sprayed 3/4 of the whole lot. 

I know most folks do not get that we have weeds when we have “desert landscaping” which is a fancy word for a large-gravel layer instead of a lawn. But years ago, when the park was built, the gravel went over a layer of black plastic. Now, on many lots, including mine, the plastic has broken and separated in places and weeds pop up.

Inside, I knew I was going to be hungry this week for “stuff,” so this morning I made my avocado/carrot/raisin salad. It is sweet and rich and creamy and healthy. The recipe I make results in about 3 or more cups of the salad, so I can grab some spoonfuls (or a small container) for a few days.

The other important thing I did today was fill out the papers for my annual renewal of reimbursement of the Medicare premium fees. I did that, plus gathered the zillion pieces of documentation, and I’ll be up at their offices by 8 tomorrow morning and get that over with.

Later this week, the mechanic will call and let me know when to bring in the car.

Oh, and I went into some of my repeating emails and "unsubscribed." I need to clear out my inbox and my email accumulation in general.

Not too bad a least I can look back and know I did something. I can’t always truthfully say that.

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