Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Car

Ok. I’ll make this brief but I know some of you will want to know how it went today, and I owe you that.

Apparently it was an “auxiliary water pump.” My 2001 Saturn has two pumps. I never knew any car had two water pumps. But apparently some BMWs do, also.

Of course, everyone knows Saturn doesn’t exist now, but a local Chevy dealer here covers their parts and things. Normally. This particular part has been discontinued, and the dealer said other parts are quickly being discontinued as well. I sat there watching my guy call all the other places he could think of and nobody had one. He finally found a place that will special order it and we should have it Wednesday, and hopefully install it Thursday.

This is the first time my guy has ever mentioned that it might be time to think about a different car because good as he is, he can’t fix something if the part is not available.

On the plus side, I took it in right away and know what is wrong...if I had ignored it, I could have had problems while out on errands or something. 

Lots to think about that’s it for now.

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