Thursday, February 21, 2019

Updates, Appointments, and Stuff, Oh My...Next Week or Two

My brain hurts... well, not really. But I spent lots of time on the phone and online searches today for lots of paperwork and such. Aside from what I managed to do today, mentioned further along, I still need to complete paperwork for a visit to County offices, hopefully next week. I must renew my food stamps, energy assistance, and Medicare premium programs. One set is 17 pages, the other two are only a few pages. Each requires separate and different documentation. I'll be copying everything and anything. I hope to get to that this weekend.

Medically I still have a few more appointments to set. I must also get the car smogged and registration renewed before the 13th. Today, though I did get some things done. I printed calendar sheets for the next few months, one set for medical, one for bills. I keep them on a clipboard and they keep me on track.

I spent time on a lot of phone calls. One that took a while was about my PayPal debit card. When I had my Etsy shop, I had it for that account but I kept it when I closed my Etsy setup. In December, it expired and I finally got someone Feb. 5th, on the phone, who agreed to send a new one. He said 7 business days. Today I called again. This time, she said he apparently never sent it and also never documented that I even made that call. Once again, it's supposed to be on the way.

I also called and got an appointment next month for a mammogram and ultrasound follow-up for the lumpectomy. Once that was made, I called the surgeon for her appointment for two weeks after those tests. I still need to call for their free ride for the surgeon; I'm not comfy driving to that location. I still need to track down a current dermatologist since our medical plan changed a bit and the former one is no longer in that plan. I didn't find that out until I called today. I had to call the plan after that and request a fresh directory of current providers, which should arrive in a few days. Then I can contact my primary care guy and get a referral and then call for an appointment.

I also called my insurance gal and asked about a letter I just got from the car insurance carrier about this next year's premiums. It appears to be about $30 more a month. She says almost all carriers are boosting premiums by at least 3% upon renewal and my carrier was less than most.

In between phone calls and online searches, I used the toaster oven to cook some frozen fish filets for a few days for the fridge, and made coffee for 3 days.
Rolling along...

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thank You, Father, for Little Joys

Father, I wanted to begin by thanking you for keeping our home warm and dry through this all-day rain. I'm grateful that my friend's roof patch a month or so ago is still good.

But even more, I was thinking that I had a lot of fun and pleasure this morning by scooting around in the Park and dropping off little begs of Valentine treats.

I seem to be unable to "not" do this for most holidays. I usually make up a dozen or more bags. I just plop little treats (candies, etc.) into a plastic cup, and add some other things. It's never anything that's a big deal or costly.

Many times I toss in something I made - either a verse on a laminated bookmark, or a crocheted item (coaster, whatever). Sometimes I find some great holiday-themed puzzles to print and pack in the bag - mazes, word searches, whatever. I have a small variety of cookie cutters I'm picked up at dollar stores and I often have fun making little shapes cut from cheese slices or meats, for those who do not eat candies or sweets.

Yes, it was raining hard, but it was only rain - not a t-storm. And I dressed appropriately.

Anyhow, Father, I want to thank you for letting me still get such pleasure from putting these together and dropping them off to friends and neighbors and Park staff.

Often, this small pleasure can be the most satisfying and the longest-lasting and deepest in feeling. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Update On Your Prayers for my Brother

Off and on, I update you on my brother with his Stage 2 kidney cancer and Stage 1 prostate cancer. You all know they did surgery on the kidney about a month ago. Today I got an email from him, as follows:

"Went 4 follow up scan 4 kidney cancer and it came back clear; next scan abut 3-4 months YEA!"

Thank you, each of you, for your continued prayers. Please know that you are all in my heart and prayers, as well.

Sweet Lord Jesus, healer, thank you for your help and your blessings in this matter. :Please continue to glance my brother's way and keep him on a healing path. And please bless all those who say prays for folks they do not even know, and bless them abundantly.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Mixed Bag of Accomplishments Today

Strange mix of things done today, but a good mix, I think.

Weighed myself this morning and noticed I've lost 2 lbs since last time. I only do it maybe twice a month. I've been trying to keep to my "good" food routine which does help me not ever gain any back.

Walked a bit - for anyone not in our Park, you won't know that the Feb. issue of our newsletter is the last one we'll deliver, voluntarily, to each home in here. We have over 400 lots, We've been doing this for 28 years. Well, not me - but my personal team has been at it for 12 years! Anyhow, the time has come, for many reasons. We'll still do the newsletter but we'll leave copies in both the Clubhouse and the mail room, each month.
Anyhow, that means I no longer have a motivator for a 2-day a month walk. So I'm trying to get myself into walking from 3 to 6 days a week, just a little. I took my pedometer and did a "short loop" up and around the top half of my street - logged 1125, which I think, is about half a mile. No wind today, so it was a good day to begin.

Along the way, I took the time to mix a bath of yogurt smoothies. This batch, I tossed in the 2lb. plain yogurt, a PB (peanut butter) jar of frozen blueberries, 1/2 large can of crushed pineapple, and 1/2 can plain pumpkin (not pie filling) - I just used what I had in at the moment. It's pretty tasty and I've got 5 PB jars - froze a few, the rest in fridge.

My biggest project today was bagging and tagging more homeless charity crafting items. When I come home each Friday, I bring what I've done, and what the others have done/dropped-off. All too often, most of it ends up wherever I drop it - on the washer, on the floor inside the inner pantry door, in the big bedroom... but none of it into the big closet. So, every once in a while, I must gather and pack and count and document and tag... it takes me about an hour and it wears me out but in a good way. So I've got a few more ready. We'll make one more distribution this winter, and then no more until near Thanksgiving. During the spring and summer, we usually concentrate on babies and the VA, but we do for the homeless, if the mood strikes us, and just pack it for later.

Gonna shut down early... rolling along.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Our Tally of 2018 Charity Crafting Distribution

Our little Charity Crafters group is happy to announce the 2018 totals for all that we made (crocheted, knitted, etc.) for the local needy last year. These are just the things we already gave out and distributed. We always have more that is being accumulated for when we have enough to drop off for distribution.

For babies and new moms in need:
Baby Hats - 82
Baby Blankets - 19
Baby Jackets - 29
Baby Bibs - 1
Baby Ponchos/Dresses - 17

And for our local and nearby homeless:
Hats - 382
Scarves - 175
Gloves - 56
Fleece ponchos - 9

And for a local VA center
Lap Covers/Afghans - 20
Shawls - 16

We are grateful for the yarn that’s been donated for these projects.

To date, we have made a total of 6,432 items for the local needy! 

We began April 9, 2009, nine years ago. Doing some quick math shows me that we are distributing about 600 items each year. Considering our member count varies between 4 and 8, and seems to average about 5, that is incredible in my eyes.

Plus our ladies love doing this. I love our ladies!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Thank You, Father, For Your Patience

This is short and sweet tonight, Father. I need to thank you for your patience with this wimpy old lady. I remember all the years I was fearless and invulnerable and oh, so self-confident and independent. Now I approach 80 and things frighten me that never used to do so until now.

Is it age? Maybe it is on several levels. Age accumulates experience. Experience tells us which things to fear at various points in our lives. When I was younger and had great jobs and a great support system and was stronger and had more stamina - well, you know what I mean.

So today especially, after my being frightened over the smell of smoke in this old house, I need to thank you for several things.

Thank you for helping me stay calm while I walked slowly through each room, sniffing each area as I went, and then for helping me remain calm while I went outside and sniffed my lot and the outside of my home.

Thank you that my alarms didn't go off prematurely or unnecessarily.

Thank you for helping me to know which folks to call or contact to help me verify that there was nothing wrong, and for getting them to me quickly, to ease my mind.

Thank you that it was afternoon and not nighttime to disturb the night's sleep I need.

Thank you that there was nothing wrong and we all agreed it had to be wind-driven aromas from somebody's nearby fireplace.

Thank you...

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Good Day - 2 Internet Problems Solved Plus Foods Stashed

This was a very productive day even though it wasn't what I planned.

Internet - email
My main email has been through aol almost back to when they began, years and years ago. But my CenturyLink internet DSL came with an embarq email account. Somehow, recently, I accidentally sent one or two things over there and it's been over 2 years since I accessed that. A very good chat session got me straightened out.

Internet - backups in cloud
About 5 years ago, my brother talked me into getting a Carbonite backup plan. I had lost file after file when my typically used computers crashed. Even today, it's only $72 a year for my basic plan for one computer - I always make sure to cover that each Feb when it comes due. But the first week of January, I opened a 2018 file, decided to use its style for 2019 work and changed the name from xxx2018 to xxx2019 and deleted all but the format. After a week of using and adding to this new file, I realized I now no longer had my 30 pages of 2018 material. Duh! After a nice "chat" online with Carbonite, they helped me retrieve the last saved 2018 version of that file. I am so very grateful.

Somehow, in spite of the time on the computer with these fun issues, I managed to make 6 days of coffees, diced and nuked 9 apples to make 3 cups for cereal, etc., and even made oatmeal for 5 days. Considering yesterday I tucked away several days of my veggie omelets and other things, I'm very satisfied.

Except, of course, for what I really had planned to do today. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow, she says, hopefully.
Rolling along...

Monday, January 14, 2019

So Grateful So Often

I was thinking today that folks who read this might think that my life's problems outweigh my blessings. That's definitely not true. Even though you might see me post about a current concern, it doesn't mean I dwell on it all night and day.

When I hit a bump on life's road, I do have a normal reaction. I might worry for a while - a few minutes, an hour, or however long it takes me to begin moving on. But I do keep going.

Even in the midst of calling for estimates, say, or for ideas from a friend or two, about a solution, I am still always aware of my blessings.

See, I've learned that my blessings are all around me, all the time. They can be as small as the single cat hair I notice on my shoe that reminds me of Silkie, and that reminds me of all the fur-babies in my life.

Or it can be the smell of something I'm cooking, reminding me that I have always had something to eat. I might be bored of the same old, same old, but I am still eating, and thus, still blessed.

And it can be simply lying in bed, just before I fall asleep, and feeling blessed for the little bed I am in... there was a time when I had to sleep on a fold-up cot, and another when I had to sleep on a folding lawn chaise with a thick cover to make it soft enough.

It can be the hot water for doing my dishes and taking a shower. And it is, and always will be, so very many things, each and every day.

No matter what trouble I run into in life, I can always find something for which to be grateful.

Sweet Lord Jesus, I'm taking a moment to thank you for always being there when I am facing troubles. I know you are listening and for that I am grateful. But even more, I thank you and the Father and the Holy Spirit, simply, for the gift and blessing of faith. I trust in you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tricks to Jog the Senior Memory

A friend/neighbor planned to drop something off to me this morning before Noon. When it didn't appear by 7 tonight, I sent him a gentle email saying that either life got in the way (totally understandable) or someone stole the bag (not likely). I mentioned I assumed he'd try again in a day or so.

He made me laugh when he replied that he was going outside right after he hit "Send" on his reply and put the bag on the front passenger seat of his car so that he wouldn't forget, and he would drop it off in the morning.

Living in a senior mobile home community, I'm well aware of all the tricks we try in order to remember things.

I sent a reply to his reply - "Good luck with that. I'm at the point where I will often put things on the floor in front of the pantry door, hoping that if I trip over it going out, I'll remember to take it with me."

You have to be over 70 to relate -
Rolling along...

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Special Thank You

We had very strong and steady rain last night for several hours, from around 9 through about 1 in the morning. I slept very lightly, wondering if we managed to patch the appropriate spot on the roof last month. Twice during the night, I made a bathroom stop, dropped a few kibbles off for the furry one, and found it hard to fall back asleep. I prayed, of course.

But faith is an odd thing. We can really believe in Him and his help. We can really believe in prayers being answered. But we are still human and there is still that little nagging background feeling of fear or worry or concern in our minds.

Happy to say that in the morning, after my gazillionth check of the former leak area in the pantry ceiling, all appeared to be dry. I really wanted to get up there and feel it, just to be sure, but I don't trust myself even on a 3-step stool these days.

Thank you, Sweet Lord Jesus, for hearing my prayers. Thank you for providing me with a low-cost fix last month. It's been over 3 years since my really major patch job. But these old coated roofs on older mobile homes are prone to this sort of thing. I am very very grateful. I promised you last night that I would post my thanks publicly, and I am doing just that.  Jesus, I trust in you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Crafting Projects to Start the Year Off...

Starting the year off with a few projects on tap.

Today I began a baby blanket and will add a hoodie sweater. Hope to finish it by month-end.

I also finished a few catnip mousies and hope to mail 2 plus some catnip fishies on Friday.

A friend wants some of my plastic canvas plastic ribbon crosses and I will be working on those for quite a while.

And I promised another friend to finish up some hanging towels I made from towels she loved but wasn't using because they weren't convenient.

So, you can bet between these projects, and my normal charity crafting, and the things I really do want to start making to create a stash for year-end gifts, I will be happily staying out of trouble.

Maybe ...

Making It Easy On Myself, Whenever Possible

I do so much love spending just a little time on various food prep things and then having a "roll" of a few days when I can just grab-and-eat (well, maybe warm in microwave) and know it is something I prepared that is healthier for me than convenience foods or take-out.

I still haven't made it to those poor apples. I think they won't be a done deal until Saturday.

But yesterday, I really did get to the dry milk, so that's in the fridge. I also made coffee for several days, between yesterday and today. Christmas Eve day, I had taken one of the Walgreens cans of salmon and made salmon salad (added mashed avocado, tablespoon of lemon juice, and one of relish), and I have that in containers in the fridge's upper freezer.

Today, I had fun making a bigger non-stick skillet with my veggie omelet and divided that in fourths. Ate one and saved 3 for the next 3 days - easy lunches.

Oh, and I've begun, recently, to do my oatmeal in larger batches, all mixed with my fruit choices, and divided that, too, for several servings. And I took one of the pork chili's from the upright freezer and have that defrosting - that is enough for 2 meals.

So, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are easy - defrost and eat, or defrost and heat and eat... and all good for me.

Aha - forgot that when I made Jello (4 cups) the other day, I added a can of peaches (diced first) and that, too, is easy grab and go.

I love when it works out but frankly, I am not always that organized. Or that energetic. Or that wise. But when I am, I am so happy!
Rolling along...

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Eve Day - Stocked Up & Got Smart

Originally, I planned to "not" go out yesterday. Then I remembered that Smiths was beginning one of their case-lot sales. I rarely buy things in larger quantities because it means a corresponding larger cash outlay. But sometimes I do let my $16 in food stamps just build for a month or so before one of these sales. This time, I had done exactly that.

I don't get tons of things at these sales. This time I got a case of peanut butter, a case of Rotel, and a case of black beans. Today, I really should unpack those little trays of cans/jars and put them up on the pantry shelves.

I also did something smart. My old mobile home is quite drafty. We are finally, here in the desert Vegas climate, into almost-freezing overnight. Tonight, it might even drop down to 27. I grew up and lived in much colder winter weather than this. But the draft on my legs and ankles, I must admit, in uncomfortable these days. Then I remembered that around this time last year, I had put something across the front door in the living room. So I grabbed an old bath towel, rolled it and tied it with some matching yarn in three places, and plopped it against the bottom of the door. It did make a lot of difference. Nice to know that once in a while, this brain still works.

I should caulk outside around some windows, and I should perhaps pick up some weather stripping, too, this month. Those little things do help.

Rolling along...

Planning a Lazy Day at The Office

I have never watched the TV series, The Office. Today, on my antenna tv setup, I plan to watch a marathon run of some of those shows on COZI. They begin at 7 a.m. and the last one is 8:30 p.m., so all day, for sure. I'm not even sure I'll like this one but it's a chance to give it a try.

Other than that, my plan for this first day of the new year is to veg out - I will do very little except to watch tv, eat happy foods, and crochet to my heart's content.

I might mix up a batch of dry milk, and/or cut, dice, core about 5 lbs apples. If I do get to the apples, I will likely toss them into the crock pot to cook them down and plop into containers to use some and to freeze some.

Happy New Year, everyone!  Rolling along!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Year's Eve & Silkie

This year I'm trying something new for Silkie, my plump little cat (well, not so little) for New Year's Eve. 

Vegas always has fireworks galore from the rooftops of various casino/resorts. Add to that the ones that various individuals across town smuggle in from elsewhere and fire off. For pets here, it makes them a nervous wreck.

This year, I've already set aside a flimsy recycled produce bag. I've put a tablespoon of catnip in it. Tomorrow night, around 7 or 8, I'll pick up her various "floor toys" - the crocheted octopus, the two crocheted fishies, and the newest crocheted mousie, and toss them inside the bag and shake them up. I'll pour whatever doesn't stick to them onto a little lid.

Catnip makes her drowsy - but only for about 15/20 minutes. Then she gets up and eats like a little horse. But hopefully, it will take the edge off the loud booms outside.

Yes, my friends, I'm getting my fur-baby high tomorrow night... and I sure hope it helps...

Rolling along...