Sunday, January 16, 2022

Prayers Needed for Friend's Sister

One of my friends asked for prayers for her sister. She is a senior, and as her sister explained to me, "She fell and got a broken hip. She made okay through the surgery but now she’s not eating or wanting to get up for therapy. "

Please pray for this poor woman to have enough faith and hope to eat and do the therapy and for her recovery!

Sweet Lord Jesus, sometimes when we get older, it is more difficult for us to be motivated to help the medical teams help us. Please fill this woman with your love and with hope and help her medical team to help her to full recovery. Sweet Jesus, we trust in you!

Prayers Still Needed for Friend's Eldest Son

We asked for prayers back on the 8th for a friend's eldest son who was fighting 3 types of cancer, went through surgery, radiation, and now chemo (see linkhere).

She talked with him yesterday, her words here: "He was back in the hosp. They put a mesh in him to keep blood clots going to his heart. His legs were swelling and they did find blood clots. He was to have his last chemo this week but now they have to wait a bit."

Please continue your prayers for this man.

Sweet Lord Jesus, we are praying fervently for complete and easy recovery for this man. Please send your healing love his way and comfort his family during this worrisome time. Jesus, we trust in you!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Baby is Having Seizures Again

That little baby we have been praying for off and on is having seizures again! Please keep this little boy in your heart and prayers?

Sweet Lord Jesus, this is happening far too often. We fear the little one will wear down from this stress to his little body. Please look compassionately at his medical team and enlighten them as to the cause and a solution. Jesus, we trust in you!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

New Prayer Request for Friend's Eldest Son

A dear friend has a son in another state who we almost lost. 

For a while, it looked as though he wouldn't make it. He has 3 different cancers, went through surgery, went through radiation, and is now on chemo. Along the way, he lost his hair and lost 50 pounds. 

But we are very hopeful because it seems as though he is now rallying and improving. So I ask for prayers that he is, indeed, beating this and will make it.

Please keep his mom & dad in your prayers as well; these are friends of mine and they are so worried about him.

Sweet Lord Jesus, our healer, please hear our prayers for complete and easy recovery for this man. And please fill his parents' hearts with peace and faith. Jesus, we trust in you!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

We Made Two December Charity Crafting Distributions!

We were so happy to have a chance for my long-time member, Louise, to get to the VA center and pass along our lap covers for the veterans in the facility. We make these lap covers about 36x48, long enough to cover lap and legs but not drag on floor when in wheelchairs, and ditto the width, wide enough to cover most laps but not wide enough to tangle in wheels.

We donated 13 in May, then last week, we gave them 7 more, so 20 in total this year!

Then, a week later, Louise and Georgie came by and picked up 10 big white 13-gallon bags filled with hats, scarves, and gloves. I take them out of my back closet and they take the bags from me and make the actual trip to the gal who gives them to the two priests who hand them out directly to the homeless. This time we donated:

Scarves            119

Hats                 108

Gloves             45

We really love passing these to them.

Rolling along...

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


My friend just messaged me about her wee little great granddaughter - "She is off the ventilator. Thank you for all the prayers!!!"

That says it all - thank you all so much! 

We don't always get to hear the results of our prayer efforts and sometimes they aren't what we hoped for - this time, however, it is wonderful news!

Sweet Lord Jesus, simply said, we thank you with all our hearts and souls for helping this little child in this way! We continue to trust in you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Update on Baby Girl in ICU

Four days ago, we asked for prayers for a dear friend's 1-1/2 yr old great granddaughter. 

I checked with my friend today, and the child is still on a ventilator. She has RSV and pneumonia and urinary tract infection. This is a lot for a little one to go through.

Please continue your prayers on her behalf.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please continue to look kindly and compassionately upon this little one, upon her family and loved ones, and upon her medical team. We trust in you!

Friday, November 12, 2021

Prayer Request and Other Prayer Answered

A dear long-time friend asks desperately for prayers for her 1-1/2 yr old great granddaughter who she often babysits for. She is in a hospital on a ventilator RSV with pneumonia possibly.

My friend believes in the powers of your prayers. Back in August, she says your prayers helped save this little girl's baby brother.

We all feel the pain even more when it is a little one who is involved.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you who love the little children, look kindly and compassionately upon this wee child and bless her with healing. Please also help her loved ones during this worrisome time. And bless those who pray for those they do not even know. Jesus, we trust in you.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Immediate Prayers Needed for Baby in ICU

One of my friends sent a desperate cry for help.

Her words: "Prayers needed for our newest baby, one month old in ICU with breathing issues due to respiratory problems please and thank you"

Sweet Lord Jesus, you love the little children.  Please look kindly upon this little one and upon the medical team in charge. Send peace and comfort to the family and bless everyone who sends up a prayer on baby's behalf. We trust in you!

Friday, September 24, 2021

Several Prayer Requests Tonight...

I'm worried about a few of my friends and even though they haven't asked me directly for them, I'm asking for some prayers that will help them deal with their current stressful, worrisome situations, so hang on, there's a few of them.

One of my dear friends lost her soul-mate, her beloved husband, about a month ago. She, like I, does what needs to be done but I know that, busy as she is with the final details in something like this, she is devastated. Please pray for her that her grief might be alleviated a bit.

Another friend's 50-something son had several cancers discovered and is now undergoing a lot of treatments and she is worried about him and can't make the trip across country to see him until Christmas. Meanwhile, he has cancers (more than one) in his brain and on his lungs (more than one) and is beginning chemo, AND radiation, and other treatments to try to keep this under control. Please pray for her because this is not the only worry on her plate. Her home had severe damage a few weeks back and the insurance is playing games with handling one part of the repairs while her community owners are on her back. She is under a great deal of stress.

Another friend is trying so hard to deal with his life-partner, another fella, who has stage 4 prostate cancer and is under home hospice care but my friend still has a great deal of caregiving to deal with along with working full shifts at home via computer. He is at his wit's end and feels cranky and overwhelmed. Please pray for whatever peace the Lord can send him to help him deal with this.

And another friend just ended up in the hospital with worrisome Covid issues, low blood pressure and low oxygen levels, among other things. She is relatively young, in her 30s, but with heavy responsibilities, including raising two teens alone except for her mom who also lives with her. I am worried about this gal who does so much for so many people, considering how young she is.

Sweet Lord Jesus, look kindly upon these people and help in any way you can. You are our compassionate, loving healer and we trust in you!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Prayer Request for Motorcycle Accident Victim

A dear friend asked for prayers for a friend of hers. This man, in his 30s, was recently in a motorcycle accident. 

His wife wasn't notified (his wallet disappeared from the scene) and she called for hours to various places (police, hospitals, etc.) when he wasn't home at normal time. She asked for help finding him on her FB page and finally learned of the accident, and followed the path and found him as a John Doe at a local trauma center. He has now been released and is home but has many issues, long-term, to deal with.

I've borrowed his wife's words to describe the current status:

"He will have many months of recovery and therapies. He will have one more surgery to repair the fractures around his eyes. No other surgeries are necessary at this time! We will visit an ophthalmologist to discuss blurry vision. He will continue to wear a neck collar and have is jaw wired for 6 weeks."

Please keep him and his family in your heart and prayers.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please look kindly upon this man and his family. Heal him more quickly than expected, and ease his suffering in as many ways as you can. We call upon you, our healer, our miracle worker. Jesus, we trust in you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

I'm So Stiff and Out of Shape

I can't get over how stiff and out of shape (flexibility-wise) I am. Up to 2 years ago, two mornings a month I delivered our monthly newsletter in our park to 200 of our 400+ homes. Even when I didn't walk much other than that, I had no trouble with me and my quad cane, and I could do a decent pace.

Yesterday and today I began trying to walk a bit each day. My new Tamoxifen Rx can worsen my existing osteoporosis. I really did not walk far. Just down my driveway, across the front of my home, 3 more down to the corner, 2 across, across the little street, and over the 4-car parking lot into our "mailroom," and back... so that's about 6 homes over and 6 back, about 12 lots, or a bit less than a block on a normal street.

I was stiff as a board walking and slow as molasses in January. My legs were like wooden sticks and I walked like Herman Munster - but I did it.

Up to the end of Feb. 2019, I was doing fine. Then we stopped delivering and I stopped walking. At first I thought that was why I was having such a hard time. Then I also realized that in 2019 and 2020, this area, so used to a "monsoon season" in the summer, went through a real dry spell. Last year I think we went 249 days without rain. But THIS year, we had a monsoon season for the first time in a while.

So I think part of my stiffness is my arthritis reacting to the return of the rainy season this summer.

Anyhow, I will continue to try to loosen up. I don't have pain per se, just stiffness. Yet I can walk a medical hallway better than out on our mobile home park's streets. Of course, I'm on a street that is a downhill grade so that adds to the difficulty. I never did do well walking downhill but never had trouble going up a grade.

So I'm going to add a brief session daily on the recumbent exercise bike, too - that always makes me feel so good and erect afterwards, even after just 10 minutes. 

Partially Answered Prayer - Thank you!

Back on 8/25, we asked for prayers for a dear friend's little great grandson. He was on life support and I just heard tonight that he is OFF life support now and even smiled at his mom when she went into the room. That is a major milestone for him. Thank you so much for those prayers and he is not out of the woods yet, so keep 'em coming!

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for helping this little one. We know you loved the little children so please keep Lucas in your heart and continue to send healing his way. And please, bless all those who have sent good thoughts and prayers his way! Jesus, we trust in you!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Some Recent Charity Crafting Projects Finished

Thought I'd share this pic of some recent things we've finished in our charity crafting group. There are lots of cool hats, cute baby sweaters, and lap covers for the VA facility. We always have fun making doing these projects with the donated yarn we receive. The items in this particular group were made mostly by myself and Louise...

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Odd Feelings The Past Few Days

I think I know why I've been feeling odd the past few days. I've been feeling sort of distracted and detached. Oh, I'm still doing my daily things: meals, kitty-duties, errands, medical appointments, our quarterly park newsletter, charity craft projects, etc., etc., etc. - But I think I am sort of "de-stressing" from the past few months.

See, I pride myself (yeh, I know what pride goeth before - lol) on being able to handle bumps on life's road. And I've been telling myself since April 20th's double lumpectomy that I've handled everything along the way with calm and sensibility.

But I should keep in mind that I am, after all, a human and we have those subconscious feelings at times that we aren't even aware of. So I think that as well as I've handled the positive lymph node biopsy, the 16 radiation treatments, the PET scan, and all the days and weeks between April 20th and August 31st when I was finally told officially that I am free at this moment of any malignancy, I think that inside, I suppose I had been holding my subconscious breath.

As a dear friend told me when I got the good news, I can now climb down off that ledge of pins and needles that I have been perched on for all that time.

Yes, I think these odd feelings are simply me finally letting it sink in and telling myself to relax a bit and be gentle in going forth.

Rolling along...