Sunday, October 14, 2018

I Think My Get Up and Go Got Up and Went

I think I've stalled. I did well 2-3 weeks ago when I had my usual newsletter prep, production, delivery routine. I did okay the week preceding the park wide yard sale on the weekend of the 5th.

And that Saturday morning, when the winds blew and I spent a lot of effort chasing down "stuff" blowing away, and the very next morning, Sunday (a week ago), when it drizzled in the morning and I decided to just give up and fold up the sale, I still had some get-up-and-go.

Then it stalled.
Where did it go? I tried to convince myself it was the change of weather. Vegas had a very hot summer. Even those of us used to it had to admit that when the weather folks kept telling us day after day how many records we broke. So when it cooled down this past week so wonderfully, I figured I was just in a temporary "hibernation mode."

Ever since that Sunday a week ago, I've had to push myself to do anything. I really am not even excited about my usual food prep.

It still might be weather connected. It's only a week. And I haven't stopped completely. I still take care of the cat, change litter, work on crocheted projects, do a blog post or two, hit the grocery store if necessary and daily tasks like that. But that's about it.

Next month will be interesting. I'm really looking forward to some doggie-feeding for a week for a friend - I love that. That is followed quickly, within a day or so, by a colonoscopy. No comment.

Well, tomorrow's another day...let's see what happens.
Rolling along...

Monday, October 8, 2018

I Hit the Motivational Wall and My Feet are Cranky

Didn't do much today. Although I was happy to have found the energy to tear down the yard sale yesterday before Noon, I haven't done much else since then. I seem to have hit a Motivational Wall.

Of course, there are daily things we all do no matter how much we don't feel like it. We eat, we do the dishes from the eating, and we take care of pets if we have them, whatever. Every day, usually, I need to empty 8 ice cube trays into my recycled 5 qt. ice cream bucket from years ago - it's the perfect size for 8 trays. I made coffee for 3 days. I finished the 2nd scarf (made one on Saturday) for the homeless and worked on a lapghan for the VA. Other than that, I was useless.

Plus this morning, I discovered my feet are a bit cranky. I have always, always had flat feet. The past decade or two, I've resorted to individual inner soles with arch supports because most shoes these days do not have good arch supports, even if they claim to have them.

Anyhow, I think the ones I used this weekend probably went flat on me recently because they apparently did not support my arches. I changed shoes and slippers several times today. I massaged the balls of my feet. I used my Profoot Care Flex-Tastic, Gel Toe Relaxers several times. They're like Yoga Toes but cheaper and I get them at Walgreens. Anyhow, the feet are a lot better this evening but I think it's time to buy 2 or 3 pairs of new ones that haven't been flattened into matzo crackers.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a lot more productive.
Rolling along...

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Thank You, Father, for the Fortitude and Stamina This Morning

I'm normally fine on the Sunday of our 3 day park wide yard sale. However, because I was in rapid-fire catch-the-stuff-while-it's-blowing-away action yesterday, and stressing a bit over the decision about future yard sales, I was both achy and tired and concerned when I got up.

I already knew I was not doing the sale today. I already knew I was going to bring back my lot-marker boxes with the bricks and pack all the stuff into 3 categories of containers and fold up the tables and set things fairly neatly out back.

However, I also already knew I just did NOT feel like doing that. I'd had it. I wanted it to stop. It was over. But it wasn't over just yet.

With a few sincere prayers while I fed the cat, heated my coffee, fed me, and so on (morning routines), I just plunged in. I decided to start and let the Lord keep me going.
Got it all done.

Thank you, Sweet Lord Jesus, for the fortitude and stamina to tear down the yard sale setup and not feel drained afterwards. You were in one of our bodies for, what, 33 years? You knew fatigue and you knew wanting things to just go away - you, yourself, prayed once for your burden to be lifted. Mine was so minor compared to yours and that's why I am so grateful that you took the time to help me. Thank you so much.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Next Distribution Will be for the Local Homeless

We should be doing a big distribution for the local homeless this month. Out there on the street, the pavement grows cold at 45 and even 50 degrees overnight. We are fast approaching that and are already in the high 60s. It moves quickly downward out here in October.

I've already got EIGHT big 13-gallon bags stuffed with scarves and fingerless gloves, and on Monday the 15th, one of our at-home crafters is coming into town (they live 60 miles away) with over 300 knitting-loomed caps.

Our one member gets them from me, then takes them to her contact, and that gal splits it between 2 priests who then distribute them personally to those on the streets.

It's always so amazing to us that we can help in this way. I am so grateful for this group of gals - we are so few but we manage to do quite a bit... thank you, Lord, for allowing us to help!

End of my Yard Sale Days

The Heavenly Father has ultimate control over nature. Friends have reminded me of that online today. I've always known that and respected it.

I've also known and respected that he often sends me taps on the shoulder to catch my attention and help me make important decisions. When I ignore those taps, he often has to whack me on the head. That said, I want to acknowledge today's tap before I lose something valuable (break a costly yard sale item) or break a bone (chasing some silly yard sale item) because he's got to resort to that whack on the head.

I've also always known and said that I do not want to be one of those old ladies who do not acknowledge their limits. If I am too far past the point of handling these alone, then it's time to stop them. I've done them twice a year for 18 years. Whoa, girl!
I've told myself that doing them meant I was showing him that I was trying to help him to help me. Doing them meant I was de-cluttering, that I was also trying to bring in some income, and that I was trying to be active, so that he would help me.

Well, I've got to trust him on that income level. After all, he did help me get out of quite a few things here in the past few years - the roof leak, the broken pipes under the house, the broken dentures, and the vicious circle of short term loans to repair the former car. So long as I am not a foolish spender, he's got my back, I hope.

And I've got to trust him on the de-cluttering. I will simply keep on doing that, but I will sell what I can through our newsletter "personal" ads, I will give some to a family I know who can use some of it, and I will donate the rest. So long as I do not waste what can still be used, I am doing right by him, I hope.

And, lastly, I can be active in other ways. I can get back on that recumbent exercise bike, and I can walk once a day to our mailroom (or further), and de-cluttering makes me bend and stretch and lift and carry. So long as I try to do some of that each day, I am doing right by him, I hope.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please explain to the Father for me what I've just shared with my friends. I think I know that I am being guided to stop an activity that has served well for over a decade but is now not feasible. Please continue to guide me and to love me and to help me. In turn, I will continue to help others in whatever way I can...I trust in you.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Forgotten Prayer Request - Sorry for Delay...

Between the newsletter last week and the park wide yard sale this weekend, I totally neglected to ask for prayers for a friend's friends... I've been praying for them, but I really hope it's not too late to add your prayers, as well.

One of her friends was finally scheduled for brain surgery Monday - this was the person I did a prayer request for a couple of weeks ago and the surgery was re-scheduled due to an infection. I only hope and pray it did turn out all right and that recovery will be easy and quick.

Her other friend had surgery sometime last week, I think, and please forgive me, I am tired and cannot remember what type of procedure it was. Again, I hope that your prayers, added to mine, will help that person with a speedy and easy recovery.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please forgive my delay in asking our prayer angels to pray for these two people who recently had surgery. Please hear us and help these folks with gentle and reasonable recoveries. We trust in you.

Short & Sweet - Day 1 of Yard Sale

Lots of shoppers/visitors which made it go smoothly; all very nice folks which doesn't always happen. Took in $46.78 which was good considering it was mostly all small-ticket stuff.
A friend stopped by, one I haven't seen for a long while. That was a very nice treat and made my day.

Weather was great - out here in Vegas, when we have these park wide yard sales, we can run into very strong winds (here 50 mph is a "wind" - 30 mph is a "breeze"), or extreme heat, or downpours... today was great. Mid-80s with light breeze no more than 10-15 mph.

Killed downtime by starting a simple scarf for the local homeless...

Tomorrow's another day - hope it's as good as today but hey, I have $45+ which I didn't have when I woke up - that's a good thing...
Rolling along...

Thursday, October 4, 2018

One More Day to Park Wide Yard Sale - Ongoing Prep

Every time we have one of these, I vow to prepare for a week or two in advance. Every time, without fail, for almost two decades, twice a year, those plans fail. This year I made it even worse by setting the dates one week after my newsletter crunch. All that said, this is the first and only day I have to get ready for it - this should be interesting.

Yesterday I had to run out, pay the rent, drop off yarn to one of our at-home charity crafters, and run to the bank for a "bank" for early shoppers who never seem to have "change." I had to also make sure to do a quick laundry load of things I won't have time to do on the weekend. I also found that the last of my food-pantry apples absolutely had to be cut, cored, diced and nuked because the one on top was a goner. I truly hate being responsible for food spoiling if I can help it. I made 3 two-cup containers of apples for the freezer.

In between, this week, I de-stressed occasionally with crochet and finished one more homeless scarf and worked a few rows on a lapghan for the VA folks. This weekend, while I am a captive on my driveway for the sale, I will work on some small projects so that they do not drag on the ground - typically I do baby jackets and scarves when outside.

Anyhow, today will be a hoot. I've just scooted through the house and emptied all that trash and then took both big trash buckets to the curb for today's pickup. Sometime around 8 or 9, I'll get into high gear. I'll bring out the 4 folding tables which I can usually carry two at a time, and also the little boxes with my space/lot number on them, from the shed. I'll put the boxes and one brick for each in the back of the car and early tomorrow morning, I'll place them in 3 spots to guide folks to my place.

Right after the shed, and before I forget, I'll set aside the stuff for my little chairside-table for the weekend, on the dryer, near the back door - paper & pen, crochet stuff, the balloons we put outside to draw attention to our home, etc. - if I don't do that, and check my list, I'm sure to forget something.
And THEN, hopefully long before Noon, I'll start roaming through the house, hunting and gathering for what to put out. With all good luck and God's blessing, I can stop before dinner.
Rolling along...

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Busy, Busy, Busy...Getting Ready for the Weekend

Haven't had chance to post. Barely finished the monthly newsletter and its delivery and I'm immediately into getting ready for this coming weekend's park wide yard sale. Normally I have a week in-between. Anyhow, in spite of being wasted after the 2 days' newsletter delivery, I did manage to get some little things done.

I did call in our ad for the sale to the newspaper and today I also posted it to Craigslist. I managed to grind a half peanut butter jar each of peanuts and walnuts which I add, a tablespoon each, when I have oatmeal every other day, and I made a yogurt smoothie batch which filled several peanut butter jars. When I am in high speed, if I don't have healthy food ready to grab and use, I will always take the easy way out and grab something that I pay for later - I do not want my labs to change for the worse.

Picked up the prep for next month's colonoscopy and, expecting heavy rains (which did not appear), I trimmed my wee little 7-year-old Sago Palm out front. Poor thing is still not knee high but after my last treatment with quickie-compost, it did make a growth spurt. This week, I had gathered some more produce peelings, eggshells and coffee grounds, and plopped them into the hole around the plant, covered them with soil I found in a planter pot in my shed, and waited for the Lord's sweet rain. Ended up pouring a gallon bottle of water on top - the main thing is, I did at least nourish it again.

Got to the store for the few things I could run out of on the weekend (cat kibble, milk, etc.). And today I managed to pack 3 big 13-gallon bags with recent hats, gloves and scarves for our upcoming delivery to our local homeless. That project takes time and labor. But it's done, bagged and tagged, and ready with 5 other big bags, for the weather down-turn when they need those things out on the street.

That wiped me out for a while but after a little rest, I made coffee for straight-through Sunday. Also made carrot/raisin/avocado salad that will last for a week. I've already got my veggie omelet pre-cooked and ready to nuke from tomorrow forward. When I am grabbing and boxing and carrying stuff out and down the steps to the back for the sale, I do not have the energy to cook. This time around, I have everything pretty much ready. Oh - I should make popcorn tomorrow...must write it down - will never remember in the morning -

Tomorrow I'll run over and pay the rent, and along the way, I'll drop off yarn I just bagged for one of our at-home charity crafters. That's when I'll also stop at the bank and pick up some mixed bills and change for the earliest shoppers... none of my stuff is high priced so that isn't a big deal, I just need to do it.

I'm tired and part of me does not want to deal with it this time around but I must. Tomorrow or Thursday I'll get the 4 folding tables out of the shed...
Rolling along...

Sunday, September 30, 2018

August, September Distribution to Local Needy

Wow. Our team did well this summer. During August and September we hand made and distributed the following items to the local needy -

For Baby's Bounty for newborn to year-old babies in need (they distribute to over 100 local agencies):
Baby Hats - 71
Baby Blankets - 9
Baby Jackets - 29
Bibs - 1
Ponchos - 13
Dresses - 4
Quilts - 10
Bows/Headbands - 11

For the Veteran's Administration facility via a local contact:
Lap Covers - 9
Shawls/Shoulder Wraps - 16
Full size afghans - 2

We are grateful for the yarn that’s been donated for these projects.
And we are grateful for the chance to de-stress with our crochet and knit projects while helping others...

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Some Odd Little Prayers in My Heart These Days

There have been a few folks and their worries that have occupied my heart and prayers recently

One surprised me with the comment that she has no reason to hold on anymore and would be ready to "go" if that happened. I worried about that. I am all for us not prolonging life past reasonable quality of life, but I always hope folks can still enjoy some of their days even up to the last moment.

Her situation has me saying the same type of prayer that I do for another friend. This one is a tad younger than I am but sometimes doesn't even get out of bed on some days. This was an active friend up 'til that past year or so. This bothers me.

My prayers for them, as well as for several I know who suffer strong spells of depression, are pretty much asking the Lord to fill their hearts with love and purpose and peace of mind. I feel so helpless in these cases.

The other friend's loved one is on low income assistance and disability. Because of an accident that resulted in metal and screws in one arm, it results in severe pain. Medical coverage no longer covers pain meds strong enough to help. They are going to try to make other arrangements for coverage. Life is not easy when you have medical or other issues and are low income.

So my heart is often heavy, wishing I could do more for them.

Sweet Lord Jesus, I ask for your compassion and mercy for these people, folks I care about, and good people at that. Please fill each of them with hope and with the peace that surpasseth all understanding. Help them to find purpose where that is needed. Help the one household to be able to switch their coverage without incident or worry. Help those in depression to feel your love and to let it seep into their hearts and minds. Just help them, please? We trust in you.

Newsletter Week Means a Little Less of Other Activity

Not very productive yesterday and today, but I did cover my monthly volunteer newsletter commitments in order.

Yesterday, I printed the 400+ copies. I do that in batches because the output tray is limited. I set the number of copies it will hold and hit Print. Ten minutes later, when I hear it stop (I"m usually in another room doing something or other), I go in and remove that batch, hit Print, and do something else. After every 2nd batch, I re-load the paper. It usually takes about 1-1/2 hours of that every-10-minutes routine but it's not hectic, just necessary. I almost managed to make coffee for 6 days (drank 1 so that's really 5 days ahead), rinsed and plucked 2 lbs. of red seedless grapes for the fridge and cereal, took the trash to the curb for the next day, diced and nuked 1/3 of the apples (made two 3-cup batches for the fridge, cereal, etc.), and after the overnight crock pot beans cooled, I packed them into 5-1/2 peanut butter jars for sides.

Today, I stapled all the newsletters. That usually takes me 1-1/2 hours. Years ago, I used to do the printing and the stapling all the same day and it really seemed like a bothersome job. When I space it out, it's still a comfy level of activity. I also took some dry milk and mixed up enough for a half gallon for the fridge for a few days.

Tomorrow morning is taken up with the Friday charity crafters, and when I come home, I must roll 160 newsletter so I can deliver them to porch railings on Sat. and Sun. mornings.  I love how cool our mornings have finally become. Out here, the 70s for overnight is delightful.

And next week will be earmarked almost totally for hunting/gathering/prepping for the park wide yard sale the first weekend in October.
Rolling along...

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

What a Day, but I Survived

Many of my friends are really suffering tonight, in many different ways, so I hesitate to even call my day a "bad day." 

What it was, though, was a mess of complications. I started out for an appointment for my 3-year colonoscopy "consult." It's way across town. When I turned the car on, the tire pressure icon lit - that has never happened before. There's a shop, not my former guy for the old car, a few blocks along my intended route. Pulled in; they checked the pressure, added air, and sent me on my way. When I got to the medical facility, and left an hour later, and turned on the car, that silly icon lit up again.

It goes out immediately but it still worried me. So instead of going right home (I had work to do on the park newsletter), I detoured another 10 miles to the dealer. They pulled it in and said something about sensor settings, checked the pressure, and after 20 minutes, they sent me on my way. The car was already running when I got in for home. At home, when I parked, something nagged at me so I turned it off and on again. Now the tire pressure icon, the engine icon, and the ABS icon all light on the dash when it turns on but they go out immediately. Now I don't know whether to worry or not.

Anyhow, I made my changes to the newsletter and had to make a few calls because tomorrow I print it and we had some issues with the number I printed last month. The count was off and they barely had enough to deliver. So I took the time to call 2 of the delivery folks, printed my notes, and sat and did some math. Along the way, I constructed our "events calendar" for the back page. That's tricky but just requires focus.

Along the way, I had defrosted some pre-soaked beans from the freezer and I assembled a crock pot to cook over night - I plan to pack those tomorrow for beans for sides, for the freezer.

I'm beat but I did get some things done. Now to stop worrying about the car for a day or so. Tomorrow I go nowhere while I do the printing and some other things.

There are at least a half a dozen of my friends who have big worries on their minds right now and I need to keep them in my heart and prayers... their troubles are far worse than mine at present.
Rolling along...

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Thankful for Things to Do

There are mornings when I really do not want to get up or to do anything at all, not even to make something to eat. Thankfully, the Lord has provided me with quite a few things that need my attention each day. They give my life purpose. Left to my own devices, I would spend every day simply eating (not cooking, just eating), crocheting, and watching the boob tube. That would be delightful. But it would ruin me and my bod and my life.

Thankfully, He has provided me with a rescue cat that fears other humans and depends on me.

He has provided me with the motivation these past four years to take care of my health so that I can be here to take care of her. At my age, I'm only on one pill for blood pressure. Other lab tests are borderline but under control without meds IF, and that's a big IF, I make sure to eat healthy about 3/4 of the day. That requires prep and time and effort.

He has guided me into running a small but very happy and surprisingly productive charity crafting team. But it requires attention, clerical upkeep, and gathering supplies and finished projects and making sure they are distributed to the local needy.

He has kept me interested in the voluntary writing, editing, printing, stapling, and partial delivery of our monthly park newsletter.

This morning, much as I really didn't want to leave the house, I ran out for litter and a few things at Smiths, rolled over to the post office to mail 4 sympathy cards (I'm also our park's "Sunshine Lady" for sympathy and get well wishes), down to Walgreens for the current season's flu shot (I need to stay healthy), and up to Walmart (for paper for the upcoming newsletter and a few other things I only get there). By the time I got home, what used to be a simple no-strain trip found me a bit worn out - not terribly so, but more than I would have been a few years ago.

Still, I did those things and a few more later in the day after I rested. And I am very grateful that, at present, there is no crisis needing my attention.

Heavenly Father, I am very very grateful for the gentle (all things considered) projects you place in my path. These commitments do keep me moving along from day to day and I thank you so much for keeping them reasonably easy for me to control.

Busy Prepping for Upcoming Park Wide Yard Sale

Our senior mobile home park's Fall sale is coming up. I have been very busy trying to get all my ducks in a row for 10/5, 6, 7 - it's not just gathering "stuff." In my case, at my age and with my limits, few as they are, I must get other things done before that as well as the hunting-and-gathering.

Food is one big concern. That final week before the sale, I am usually in rapid fire action with the "stuff." Between packing cartons for outside, taking some outside ahead of time, getting folding tables out of the shed and walking them all across the back of my double wide and onto the back drive area, and so on, I do not feel like cooking or prepping food that preceding week or the weekend itself. I have been carefully prepping food along the way.

This includes meals during that prep week and meals on the weekend as well. I need things I can grab in a hurry, on the spur of the moment, and either defrost or nuke. I will have yogurt smoothies, for sure, and a jug of solar tea. I already hit a sale at Smiths and grabbed a bunch of Healthy Choice dinners and steamers. I rarely get convenience foods these days but if I do, it's usually Healthy Choice and/or Lean Cuisine.

I've got a few recycled peanut butters jars of rinsed, plucked red seedless grapes in the freezer to grab for snacks. I'll have coffee made ahead and into, again, peanut butter jars, for that week and weekend, easy to grab and heat.

One day early this week, I grabbed a larger non-stick skillet than I usually use and made a big batch of my typical veggie omelet. I divided that into 6 and tossed those into the freezer. I will try to do one more batch before next weekend. That way, I have a healthy great tasting breakfast to go for those days.

Anyhow, that's only the start. I have been trying to do all my "outside" running around over the past week, paying bills, shopping for miscellaneous stuff (tp, detergent, anything I will not want to run out for when I am really busy).

The thing is, yes, I am doing pretty well, physically, at 79. But I do have limits - in stamina, fortitude, motivation, and just plain life issues. My days of really wonderful mutli-tasking are fading. I can only do a few things each day so I try to make them count. Food pantries are done; produce from same is finally all rinsed. Must still dice and cook a few pounds of apples. And I am trying to get the charity crafting projects finished by our team under control before then.

In a way, it all gets me moving each day; but I find I stop moving a little earlier each day as the months roll along...