Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Prayers, Please, for Correct Diagnosis for Friend?

Please, my dear Prayer Angels, say a wee prayer for a very dear friend who has a daughter in the hospital who's in need? I’m not at liberty to say anything else at the moment.

I love how you each seem to find the time to send up a heartfelt prayer even in the midst of your own heartache and troubles.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you already know all about this friend and her worry. Please take just a moment to glance my friend’s way and with just a thought, your compassion can ease their concerns and help them deal with this. Please also, Lord Jesus, take a moment to choose the best medical team for her daughter. We trust in you.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Two Folks who Need Prayers

Sometimes, it seems, I’m asking our Prayer Angels for their help almost every day. This morning, a dear friend asked that two folks she is worried about be put on our prayer list.

One is a friend, the other a relative.

The friend of my friend injured herself this past week and the injury got worse after she was released from the ER. This woman lives alone and has other issues to deal with as well. My friend is trying to help but this woman might need a lot more help than my friend can give her.

The other in need of prayers is related by marriage. His health was not bad but suddenly he developed severe diabetes. There doesn’t seem to be a cause at the moment - his sugar was way up to 400+ at one point.

So, my friends, these are tricky situations and I hope our heartfelt prayers will help each in the way most needed for that person.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you who healed all, even with just a thought, please look toward these two who are in need. Let them feel your compassion and mercy. Help them in whatever ways they most need that help. And please bless my friend who is worried about them? We trust in you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

More Prayers Needed, ASAP, for Friend’s Husband

Oh, my wonderful Prayer Angels, my friend’s husband has more infection they must cut away.

“He is going to surgery again tomorrow. He has skin around the incision now that's infected. His blood circulation on the leg is low due to this. Don't know the time of the surgery yet but definitely the doctor said had to be done ASAP.”

Sweet Lord Jesus, these are older folks, friends of mine for a long time. They are good people, people who believe in you with all their hearts and souls. Please bless them with whatever they need to endure the upcoming surgery and aftermath. Thank you for hearing our prayers. We trust in you!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Finally - Our Tally of 2017 Charity Crafting Distribution

Our little Charity Crafters group is happy to announce the 2017 totals for all that we made (crocheted, knitted, etc.) for the local needy last year. These are just the things we already gave out and distributed. We always have more that is being accumulated for when we have enough to drop off for distribution.

For babies and new moms in need:
Baby Hats - 66
Baby Blankets - 18
Baby Booties - 5 pair
Baby Jackets - 43
Baby Bibs - 11
Ponchos/Dresses - 8

And for our local and nearby homeless:
Hats - 451
Scarves - 112
Gloves - 13

We are grateful for the yarn that’s been donated for these projects.

To date, we have made a total of 5,732 items for the local needy! 

We began April 9, 2009, nine years ago. Doing some quick math shows me that we are distributing over 600 items each year. Considering our member count varies between 4 and 8, and seems to average about 5, that is incredible in my eyes.

Plus our ladies love doing this. I love our ladies!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Taking a Wee Break

I’ve been a little busy the past 3 weeks.

Three weeks ago, it was my prep-week for that weekend park-wide-yard-sale which wears out my legs from all the lifting, bending, sorting and then carrying out and up and down the back steps...

The following week, week before last is my food pantry week which includes 3 different visits which include a lot of standing, then packing into the car, then at home, the lifting, carrying up the steps into the house, the sorting, rinsing (for some), deciding which to freeze and which to use up before they are spoiled.

This past week it was the newsletter week and this morning I finished delivering the last half of the 120 that I personally deliver each month.

None of these things are all day, every day. But they are physical in many ways and my elder-legs and joints pay a little along the way. I’m hoping to find time early May for new shoes, a pair for outside/street use and a pair for indoors. The ones I have are now so old and stretched, they provide no support for my bunion, hammer toe, and flat feet. I hate trying on shoes but I must do it before the summer really hits.

Anyway, this morning, after walking the 60 lots and rubber-banding to each porch railing, I managed to get to both Wally’s and Walgreens for some “fill-in” items needed (mouthwash, nanas, some other things). At home, I made some of my gourmet oatmeal, and I mixed up 1/2 gallon dry milk into 3 peanut butter jars for the fridge - that will happily take me through the coming week with milk. I also changed her litter box, swept the area, and shook out the rag rug the sits under the pan to catch some of the clay pebbles. I hope to plop 6 frozen battered fish fillets into the toaster oven later and eat those over the next few days. There was something else on my to-do list for today - I’ll look at my note later.

Rolling along...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Update on Friend’s Husband with Recent Toe, Etc., Amputations

Once again, thank you for your prayers on my friend’s husband’s behalf. As of today, here’s the update.

“Yesterday he had to have an Angiogram done when they found he had a vein plugged. In the evening the foot started bleeding really bad. They had to call the doctor and she was able to stop it. Today he seems like everything is better. His foot looks like somebody or something just took a bite.”

So far, so good in that they are on top of everything and checking everything along the way.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for your continued compassion in this matter. We continue to trust in you.

Update on Austin; Please Continue Prayers

On little 6-year-old Austin, they quickly ruled out appendicitis and settled on pneumonia and sent him home from the hospital. The doctor feels they did not go down far enough with the scans. Austin is back at the hospital. Better to be safe and know what the real problem is...

Sweet Lord Jesus, we continue to trust in your healing and your loving guidance of the medical team along the way...

Friday, April 27, 2018

Little Boy Needs Prayers, Please?

One of my dearest long-time cyber friends is asking for prayers for a little one in their family. He is 6 and has mid-range autism.We’re not yet sure of the nature of the problem, but the little guy was just taken to a children’s hospital...

It is always hardest to see the little ones suffering and we often feel so helpless at these times. But we can pray and we can hope.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you made it clear, over and over, that you loved the little children. Please look compassionately in this little one’s direction and send blessings and healing his way. Comfort his family in their time of stress and worry. Guide the medical people he meets along the way. Please hear our prayers. We trust in you.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thank You All for Answered Prayers! So fast!

My friend just contacted me. Her husband already had the surgery and is doing fine. They amputated the little toe and some of the side of the foot.

You folks are amazing. I’ll be keeping them in my heart and prayers for a while to come. There will be a need for clean and sure and quick healing. There will also, I’m sure, be lots of adjustments to come and some therapy, perhaps, along the way.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you so much for hearing the prayers of those who have the compassion to pray for others. Bless this couple even more with speedy and clean healing. Bless them with the wisdom and the patience to endure the adjustments and perhaps therapy. And bless our prayer angels abundantly for taking the time to add their prayers along the way!

Emergency Prayers Needed for Friend, Please? ASAP?

A dear friend of mine is worried sick over sudden issues with her beloved husband. He had to rush into the hospital with an infection on his foot when he tried to simply remove dead skin. Between diabetic and cardiac issues combined, they feel the only way they can stem the infection and stop its spread is to amputate one toe and some of the foot. These are a very devoted couple, and older, as am I, and so every surgery is critical in its own way.

Surgery will be either today or tomorrow, if they can get cardiac clearance. They are a whole state away from me. I feel so badly for them. All I can do is offer prayers for them, and ask you to do the same.

Sweet Lord Jesus, the healer, all we ask is that you glance in his direction and guide the medical team towards the safest route to his full recovery and easy healing and subsequent adjustment. These are folks of deep deep faith. Hear that, please, and while we pray not our will but His be done, I do hope you will bless them to an incredible degree. We trust in you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On Today’s Agenda

If I do nothing else today, there are 3 things on my list.

One of the two larger food pantry pickups is this morning. When I come home, I make a few trips from the car trunk up the steps and into the kitchen. Then it’s sorting. Produce and cold stuff into fridge; stuff still frozen (if any) into freezer; dry goods into closets.

I also really really want to take the 4 folding tables from the weekend yard sale and put them back into the shed. I will also take my lot-number marker boxes back to the shed as well.

Later today, I must gather any leftover boxes and trash from the sale and get the trash buckets to the curb for tomorrow’s pickup.

I figure if I do those three things I can feel I’ve done something today.

Rolling along...

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Trying to Get Back to Normal

Now that our semi-annual park-wide-yard-sale is over, I’m trying to get back to normal, at least on some level.

Today I needed to finally sit down and fill in 2 sets of papers for some benefits I receive. There are close to a dozen pages for each set. Then there is the search for the required backup documentation.

That’s always fun. This time, they each asked for the same things - that was great. Plus both sets could be submitted at the same location - also great.

Somehow, I finished really fast today and decided to take them in and get it over with. Managed to get to their office by 1:30 and was home by 3:30 - that’s amazing - and, yep, great!
So those are done for the year.

There was nothing on my top fridge shelf to grab-and-go when I had a snack attack. Needed to toss some stuff up there. Took out a peanut butter jar each of frozen fresh strawberries, blueberries and wee apricot halves. Tossed all 3 into a bowl, smooshed them around, and then put that on the top shelf with a spoon. I love, love, love reaching in when I am hungry for something sweet and find I can grab real fruit instead of lapsing into old habits of candy and cookies.

I also tossed a couple of one-cup yogurt smoothies together, so they are ready for me, too.

There was something else - oh, right. Just before the yard sale, I had made a batch of Jello (2 sugar free boxes, different flavors, together). Half of that was left so I divided it into single servings of 1/4 cup each - that’s another thing that satisfies my sweet-tooth cravings if I’ve got it ready to grab.

Not a bad day - somewhat productive. That’s good.
Rolling along...

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yard Sale Weekend is Over - Tired

The very strong winds recently kept the number of visitors to our semi-annual park-wide-yard-sale down considerably. 

In spite of that, and in spite of the fact that I had mostly low-priced items this time around, I still managed to pull in $79.75 for the weekend. That’s $79.75 I did not have when I started on Friday morning.

However, I am tired and will make this very short...
Sleep well, my friends...

Friday, April 13, 2018

Thank You for Wind Protection

Almost forgot or neglected to thank you, Sweet Jesus, for your protection for my home as well as those in our community! I know some pieces of metal, probably skirting, was flying around here and there, but in general, from what I am hearing, we had no really bad damage. 

That is amazing considering the strength of yesterday’s wind gusts and those overnight.

Lord Jesus, you who calmed the waters and walked on the sea, thank you for your love and compassion in this matter. We trust in you.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Quick Post Until Tomorrow Night

Sounds like the wind is slowing down to just 35 mph gusts now. I won’t be online at all tomorrow until tomorrow afternoon or evening. When I’m outside for the yard sale, I can’t leave to come in to the desktop computer.

What I’m saying is I don’t want anyone to worry if they do not see any posts or reactions to posts this weekend except for limited online time late afternoons and evenings.

Rolling along...