Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Prayers, please, for me?

I've had a few challenging years since my"nephew" passed away in Feb. of 2014, but at the moment, I have pretty much dealt with everything along the way and have been coasting with only minor issues.

However, something recently came up that I don't want to start discussions on just yet, but I am asking for prayers for favorable outcome for tomorrow, or at least the ability to cope with whatever transpires along the way.

Sweet Lord Jesus, most of the folks I know are having worse troubles than I am at the moment, but I am worried a tad about what tomorrow afternoon will bring and afterwards. Please shower me with your compassion and your peace and all the faith and trust that I might need along the way. I trust in you!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Updates on Prayer Requests - 1 good, 1 sad

Back in June, we began praying off and on for a friend's great grandson suffering seizures at 8 months old (link here). Off and on, he seemed to rally then had another seizure. It's been a while since I last asked for prayers for him, so I messaged my friend. There is good news for that baby, now a little over a year old. 

My friend said: "Thank God he is doing better. They have him on some kind of medicine that he takes twice a day, and since than he hasn’t gotten a seizure. He still slow for his age. Just learned how to sit by himself, he doesn’t walk or crawl. He gets everywhere by rolling around." Thank you all for your prayers -

Back on the 5th of this month (link here), we heard about a friend's son's friend in serious condition with Covid. I heard today that this young man, only 42, passed away. They think he had either a stroke or a heart attack just before contacting Covid. So sad...

Sweet Lord Jesus, we do not know the Father's plan for each of us, but thank you for hearing us and helping us to rejoice in some outcomes and to pray for comfort for the families with sad outcomes. We trust in you.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Two New Prayer Requests

We have 2 new prayer requests...

One is a young man, a friend of my friend's son, and he has a severe case of Covid. We all know what that means and the fears that go with it. Prayers definitely needed! I'm not sure of details on this one, but I know we all understand the worry and concern and the dangers for this young man.

The other is a connection to our charity crafter group. My long-time member, with me just about from the start almost 11 years ago, has a friend who distributes our finished items to a few priests who hand them out directly to the local homeless. A month or two ago, she had the 1st of 3 surgeries. The first was a cancerous mole that was surgically removed. Not long after that, her eyelids had to be sliced because they were growing down somehow and severely scratching her eyes. To top that off, she is now recovering from foot surgery, pins in 2 toes to straighten them. I've been through that and understand the issues of trying not to put pressure on that foot until the pins are out. And even after all that, she found out the eyelid surgery didn't do as complete a "fix" as hoped and they will need to do something further. Prayers, please, for this woman who has given so much of her time to help those in need?

Sweet Lord Jesus, please look down upon these two people, each with their own problems and needs. Please shower them with your healing power and compassion and help them and their loved ones to deal with these issues. Please send excellent medical people their way. We trust in you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Update on Recent Prayer Request for Friend with C19

Back on Friday, I asked for prayers for a dear long-time friend with C19 (link here). Today I was updated. It got just a tad complicated. She was sent to the hospital Thursday and that hospital sent her to one that handled C19 cases. She was just released today but must still avoid other people for a while. I'm assuming that means she has milder symptoms. I do know she has other issues to deal with, medically, as well. So prayers are still needed for sure. Thank you all for the prayers you have already sent up.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for taking care of this friend and getting her released this quickly. Please continue to shower your healing and compassion and love upon her and her loved ones while they all wait for healing. We trust in you!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Yet Another Dear Long-Time Friend with C19!

We're all emotionally drained these days with folks we know getting Covid and suffering and even worse from this disease.

Today I learned about a long-time friend across the country who has tested positive and is in the hospital undergoing other tests to see how badly it has set in. I learned this from her sister, another long-time friend. She must be worried sick. They are so close.

Please keep this generous hearted lady in your prayers for accurate and quick diagnosis and successful treatment. She is loving, giving, volunteers so much of her time to so many causes. Her family must be frantic. They do not know how she contracted it as her sis, who lives with her, says they are all so very careful.

Please, Lord Jesus, our healer, look kindly and compassionately upon this servant of yours and her family. Send them whatever grace and strength they need to get through this. We trust in you.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Urgently Need Prayers to Continue for this Friend!

Back on the 29th, link here, I asked for prayers for 2 friends with Covid. One of these is worse now. She will be 88 tomorrow and is in the hospital with both the C19 and pneumonia which set in from the virus. She was moved to yet another room (third move in as many days) where she can get a higher leader oxygen flow, with hot moist air to help clean out the CO2 in her lungs. She's still confused. This woman has been a dear close friend for over a decade and I fear for her. Please continue any prayers you can manage.

Sweet Lord Jesus, we pray with all our hearts and souls for this woman who has helped others in her life, has raised wonderful children, and has faith in you. You know what she needs. Please at least bring comfort to her body and soul. We trust in you!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Prayers, Please, for 2 Dear Friends?

Two of the nicest women I know locally are both facing C19 issues.

The first one already has it and has milder symptoms including a cough, fatigues easily, and body aches, and things are subsiding so we hope she is almost over it. She is also caregiver for her beloved husband. I'm asking for prayers for a while because we all know this is a sneaky disease and could rear up unexpectedly again. 

The second one is older and is awaiting test results. She's now in a hospital with a fever. She has past history of pneumonia, and a few years back, had it once a year for 2 or 3 years, if I remember correctly. Problem is, even if it is not C19, pneumonia is never good for the elderly. So the prayers I'm asking are for a correct diagnosis and then good treatment and a happy outcome.

I feel so helpless these days when one of my friends is is recovering still from a recent fall, another had C19 back in April and still suffers in several ways, and those are only 2 more... 

Sweet Lord Jesus, once more we ask your help. Please shower your compassion, your love, your healing upon these women, in any and every way they need, and please bless those who pray along the way, those who pray for people they do not even know. We trust in you!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Prayers Answered for Friend's Family!

Prayers were answered in amazing ways and under amazing circumstances today for my friend's family. I had stated that they were in need of medical, financial and emotional comfort and help.

This was because of a medical incident that needed follow-up and for which the family did not have the financial means and all were distraught and worried. Today they learned that the medical would be covered because of a program that qualified them. This eased the medical worry because now they can concentrate on getting a full and complete diagnosis and treatment. It eased the financial worry of not having funds to cover the process. Both of these eased the emotional worry.

Thank you, my friends, for your prayers. Granted, we do not always know the outcome of our prayers, but it surely does feel good when we do know of some that are answered.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you knew what they needed and you provided in an amazing way. For this family it was a little miracle! Please bless all those who prayed from their hearts for folks they didn't even know. And continue to look out after this family as they travel the route of tests and solutions for the medical issues.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Prayer Request for Friends in Need

Some folks I know could use a few extra prayers for sure. While I can't give details, I can tell you they need medical, financial, and emotional comfort and help. They are trying their best but it is slow going. Please say a wee heartfelt prayer or two when you get a chance.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you know what these people need. You are our healer, our comfort, our link to the Father. Please glance their way and help them in all the ways they need it. And please bless those who pray for them, each in their own way, as well.

Monday, November 2, 2020

EBTKS Soup in Crock Pot Overnight

Had fun tossing it all into the pot. Love the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" soup because it is different every time but still great. I just took my crock pot and dumped it all in. Just looked through my pantry closets and freezer.

This time, this is what I tossed in...

  • 2 lb. tub shredded cabbage
  • 3 stalks celery
  • 2 onions
  • cilantro
  • can peas
  • can diced tomatoes
  • can pinto beans
  • can sliced carrots
  • black pepper

The cabbage and celery and cilantro were in the freezer; the rest in the closets.

One of my friends recently did something similar when she made a batch of minestrone, tossing in this and that to substitute things that were similar to what it called for with what she actually had.

Can't wait for the aroma to drift through the old mobile home in the middle of the night.

Rolling along...

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Halloween Treat Bags This Year

Most of you know that for almost a decade I've made holiday treat bags and give them out inside our senior mobile home park. Years ago, I made 15 or more at a time. Time has taken its toll and some of my recipients have either passed on or moved on. I'm down to 8 but hey, I'm 81 now and that is a lot more manageable and still no pressure.

For many months now, I have not done these because of various pandemic issues in our community and in the world. I got antsy - I missed it - I had to do it again.

So, yesterday and today I gave out 8 bags of silly, sappy stuff which my friends put up with.

The bags always contain at least ONE hand-made by me item. It might be anything - a coaster, dishcloth, bookmark, hot pad, potholder, hanging dish towel, whatever works for me at that time.

This year, I made these really cute Candy Corn Coasters. I adapted them from a pattern for a stuffed candy corn thingie. I just made one "side" instead of two and when I got to the top with white, I just kept coming all around in a single crochet to give it stability and make it lie flat. I was really surprised at how they turned out.

In the bag I also tossed miniature candies, cheeses, printed puzzles (mazes, word searches), and because I forgot to pick up the candy-corn-pumpkin-candies, I painted jack-o-lantern faces with a sharpie on Cuties. Had fun.

They go mostly to our Office staff, our current, active charity crafting group, and our former newsletter delivery team folks.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Rolling along...

Tri-Color Baby Jacket - The Story - LOL

Those of you who crochet know the feeling. I'm calling this jacket my "The Yarn-I-Thought-I-Had-Enough-of-in-the Color-I-Needed-But-I-Was-Wrong" Jacket - Yep, you all know that feeling!

Started with white. Was absolutely CERTAIN I had enough white. Didn't take long to know I was wrong.

Grabbed nice perky hot pink and was absolutely CERTAIN I had enough to finish jacket. Didn't take long to know I was wrong.

Finally found another pink, a lighter shade, to finish sleeves. Thankfully I was finally right. (sigh)

The good thing is, it is a great pattern for changing colors, our group's favorite baby jacket pattern.

We also love it for the desperate young Moms-in-need that get these from the local charity we donate them to. Those moms usually either don't have time to hand wash fancy things or they don't even know how to handwash fancy things and most would never even think of it.

Added to that, the pattern uses a sturdy but not bulky string (chain stitch) tie which is very forgiving no matter whether baby is small or large, and no tiny buttons for mom to fuss with if baby is crying or fussing.

Yep - love, love, love this pattern.

Rolling along...

Friday, October 30, 2020

Time for Prayers for Those With Lingering C19 Issues!

We tend to overlook the details in the news that document the lingering effects of C19. I was checking with a friend in her 60s, considered reasonably young, compared to my 81, who recovered a few months ago. "Recovered" is a relative term, it seems.

She is still, months later, short of breath, mild coughing and, she says, can't smell a darn thing! She says that's the worst thing! She says that it's the lung issues she's worried about, but she adds that the not smelling sucks!

This is a brutal disease. We cannot ever think of it as something casual.

Yes, some recover totally, but that should never take our attention away from the thousands and thousands who not only do not recover totally, but for whom living with the aftereffects becomes a true burden and cross to bear.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you who walked on water, cured lepers, restored Lazarus to life, we need your compassion and healing hands for these people. Please bless those in charge with wisdom. And please enlighten everyone with compassion strong enough to help them to help us by masking and keeping that magical distance! Jesus, we trust in you!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Prayers Requested Again for that 10 Month Old Baby Boy

Off and on over the past few months, we've been praying for this baby, the great grandson of a friend of mine, who has been having many seizures. She has asked for prayers big time, once again.

Yesterday, she wrote to me: "He has gotten 5 seizures today, one lasted 25 minutes. We called 911 and he has been transported to the hospital. It’s hard cuz his mom and dad are in quarantine. They are giving him some tests today to check if he has an infection. The parents are quarantined because one of the coworkers tested positive. Please say a prayer for his mom she’s just crying and wants to go. They got tested but have to wait for the results. He got about 9 seizures yesterday and one today."

My friends, you are so kind with your prayers, so I know you will once more join in prayer for this baby and the family. It doesn't sound like the medical teams have made a diagnosis yet and this must be so frightening for all involved. Each time, he must be flown to another city for hospitalization.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you loved the innocent little children so very much. We know you will look kindly and compassionately upon this baby and his family and do what you can to help them. Please bless all who offer prayers on his behalf as well. Jesus, we trust in you!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Always SO Happy On Distribution Days!

This morning, Louise and George picked up 7 boxes and 8 13-gallon bags of our handmade hats, scarves, and gloves for our local homeless. We usually make this distribution in mid-to-late October. Even though some think our group is small, we seem to accomplish more than we expect. Two of us meet each Friday morning for two hours, and two work from their homes. We use only donated yarn which we have been continually blessed with. We will make another smaller distribution possibly in late February or early March, but that's unsure at the moment.

This time, our counts were:

Scarves            109

Hats                 324

Gloves             52 pr

I am very careful when bringing them out. At this point, at 81, I am not planning to do anything stupid, so I take my time. The boxes were relatively light but bulky for my short frame/arms. But usually the most difficult is hauling 8 bags out of my large back bedroom closet, then through the house to the pantry in the middle, and out the door and down the steps. I can only do 2 bags at a time, so that is four trips up and down the steps just for the bags. So I just make sure I have plenty of time and patience - that's all I need for most things these days, time and patience.

We are so happy to have this large amount once again. Our "hat" lady has been undergoing a lot of dialysis activity the past year and we were not expecting her to deliver 300 of them! Considering that early on, they were making 60 mile trips for dialysis every other day until they were finally approved to do the dialysis at home, that is amazing. Our ladies are so loving and compassionate and dedicated! I keep them each in my heart and prayers for special blessings.

Rolling along