Friday, September 30, 2022

Urgent Prayer Request for 12 Year Old...

A friend's cousin's daughter, 12, Elena, has had rib cage issues all her life and they had to wait until a certain age to do surgery. At that point, this past week, the rib cage was pressing in on the lungs and the heart and her heart had only 68% functionality.

They are praying for a favorable outcome for this surgery. The family is very concerned. I know we hate to see young ones with severe medical issues, so I ask for your prayers in this matter.

Sweet Lord Jesus, we place this cause in your compassionate and healing hands. Please watch over Elena, help her with amazing healing, and help her family during their time of stress and concern. Jesus, we trust in you!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Answered Prayer: Amazing Answer

Thank you all for your prayers for that family displaced by the fire in their rented mobile home. They have been on tenterhooks for a week or so, not knowing where they would sleep after this morning.

Turns out that a 5th wheel belonging to a family friend who recently passed and it was not yet sold can be taken to a friend's house which has hookups and they can stay in that for as long as it takes to deal with the situation.

On top of that, they can get their animals back from the shelter - dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens - you name it, they had it.  They were very good to humans and animals alike, this family!

Thank you all, again.

For me, this is a miraculous answer - whether or not the landlord's insurance fully repairs the rental mobile that had the fire, that's being worked on. But at least this multi-generational family can stop worrying about where they will sleep each night.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you with all our hearts for this compassionate answer to our prayers. Please continue to look after this family as the situation progresses but we are very grateful for your help in such a comfortable manner. And, please, bless all those who sent up prayers on their behalf. Jesus, we trust in you!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Family Displaced by Fire Needs Stronger Prayers

Back on Sept. 10, we asked for prayers (see here) for a multi-generational family who were displaced because of an electrical fire in their rented mobile home. The fire and the fire department took out almost the whole one side of the house. They are literally homeless at the moment.

At this point, they have stayed with a friend in a cramped apartment from the 10th until this coming Monday.

Their landlord seems to be waiting for the insurance investigator. We have no clue how much the landlord will cover at the moment, or what they will do after Monday. Her friend's landlord won't let them all stay in that cramped apartment after that. Red Cross won't help unless a home is 50% gone. IMHO, the whole side of your house and having no place to sleep still should qualify for their help.

Please pray with all your hearts for this family - there is my friend, her two teens, and her mother - prayers, please?

Sweet Lord Jesus, we come to you with heartfelt concern for this family. You know them and the goodness they have done for so long for so many others. Please bless them with a reasonable solution to this problem. Jesus, we trust in you!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Urgent Prayers Needed Re Biopsy Result for Friend's Loved One

A dear friend's loved one, a young woman of 25, is awaiting uterine biopsy results over the coming two weeks. This young woman is frightened that if positive, treatments might leave her unable to have children. My friend is very worried for her. Not sure if it is her niece or grandchild or an in-law, but she is close to this young woman.

Prayers appreciated for a happy outcome to this test.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please guide this young woman and fill her heart with peace while she awaits the test results. And if possible according to His will, we pray it will be a happy outcome. Jesus, we trust in you!

Urgent Prayers Needed for Family Displaced by Fire

Last night, a dear friend and her entire household, a multi-generational family, was left unable to live in their mobile home due to an electrical fire. The fire team had to almost literally destroy one side of the house. They have a place to stay until Monday but have no clue what they can do after that. They were renters and had no insurance.

We are in urgent need of prayers to help them figure out what to do next and where to go. Your prayers will be so much appreciated!

Sweet Lord Jesus, strengthen this family and guide them with your loving and compassionate hand towards living arrangements at this time of desperate need. Jesus, we trust in you!

Monday, July 18, 2022

It Was A Nice "Be Kind to Me" Morning!

Sad as it was to consider two recent "passings," I had a really nice morning. 

I went to Great Clips and finally got a haircut, thus stopping the winds from blowing my wisps out from the sides of my head and making me Bozo the Clown. My hair grows very slowly and is very fine and wimpy. It is better short, and falls nicely on itself when short. When it gets longer, it begins to spread apart and shows the thinning much more, plus it is a relief to get it off my neck now that we are in full summer mode here in Vegas.

Add to that, a few doors away from there is a Firehouse Subs. Great Clips opened at 10, Firehouse Subs at 10:30.

Last Christmas a friend had blessed me with a gift card for Firehouse Subs. So after the haircut, I strolled up there and snagged a small Smokehouse Brisket with Cheddar and Sweet Baby Ray sauce and a Grilled Chicken salad. The salad is densely packed and loaded with "stuff" so I will divide it and eat of it for 2 or 3 days.

Yep, it was a nice "me" morning...

Rolling along...

Friend's Eldest Son Finally at Peace

Back in January we began praying for a friend's eldest son suffering from cancer in the brain and in the lungs, among other issues. Sadly, he lingered and lingered, growing continually weaker, and suffering a lot.

He finally passed on the 13th of this month, and sadly it was my friend, his Mother, her birthday as well.

Thank you for all your ongoing prayers during this time. Your prayers for family and friends would be appreciated.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for your blessings along the way and bless his loved ones with the strength they need now. Jesus, we trust in you.

Friend of Friend with Liver & Pancreatic Cancers Passed Today

Thank you all for your ongoing prayers during his difficult time.

 It would seem a blessing that he didn't have to endure a long drawn out time before being called "home."  Your prayers for family and friends would be appreciated.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you that this man did not have to linger for months and months or longer, suffering all that time. Jesus, we trust in you.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Prayers Continue to be Needed for Friend of Friend

That friend of a friend who was just diagnosed with stage 4 Liver & Pancreatic Cancer & a blood clot in his lungs that they are trying to break is not likely to make it. He is like family to my friend and to their whole family, and is elderly.

Prayers would be appreciated for ability to get hospice care and pain alleviation during the time he has left.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please look compassionately upon this man who was so good to his friends but is in serious need of your comfort and peace at this time of his life. Jesus, we trust in you!

Did a Lot This Morning, Thankfully...

Got an energy burst this morning and did a lot in a 4-1/2 hour spurt.

Watered Silkie's 6 cat grass pots and because they are really wilted from our summer intense heat, I also sprinkled some seeds right onto the top layer, wilted grass and all, added some soil, and re-watered; they should sprout this week but won't last long. I'll start some fresh pots this week or next, as well.

Paid my pre-paid cell phone bill and another bill, online

My neighbor came by and changed my front porch light bulb which I keep on all night; it went out 2 nights ago and I'm no longer able to get my wobbly self onto my ladder.  I keep the back steps light on all night as well.

Divided my 32 oz. tub of plain low fat yogurt into 6 servings; added some of my beet/carrot puree to it and some pureed mango.

About the mangos, I had opened a freezer bag of mango chunks a few days ago and they're getting up there, so I pureed them and plopped into a jar for the fridge to add to my smoothies along the way, easily.

Took my little tub of pre-cut cantaloupe chunks and took my manual chopper and chopped them for dessert cups. I always make a "fruit cup" for a side dessert along with my dinner each night.

I also took about a dozen cherries I had in the fridge and pitted them and ate a few before I put them back into the fridge. I also posted a blog post about various ways to pit cherries easily(here)!

Took out my 1/2 lb. chub of white cheddar and shredded half and sliced half, and into fridge to add to things.

And I have long delayed once again opening a can of Salmon and dividing into 4 portions, freezing 3, and using the one, already, mixed with cottage cheese (my "salmon delight").

By then, my legs and knees were beginning to ache but I had managed to get some things done that make it really easy to eat healthy stuff in the coming days...

Rolling along...

Cherry Pitting Tips

I published the tips below back in August of 2018 and this year ended up with quite a few cherries, searched out my old tip, and grabbed my tool of choice - the plastic straw - read why, and other suggestions, in that earlier post...


Cherries are great but they are rarely affordable for me. I might buy them 2 or 3 times when they are in season, and only when they are very cheap. I used to buy only so much at a time because they were a pain to pit. My rare purchases made it silly to buy a special cherry pitting tool.

Lo and behold, the internet yielded several ideas on options other than that tool. I'll tell you what I like best and then I'll mention the others that are also great ideas.

My new fave method is a thick plastic straw. I have about 2 dozen of these in the house and  because I think they'll be harder to get so next summer, I might choose my second best choice.

Why I like this is that I push the end of the straw into the stem end of the cherry and push. The pit goes right up into the straw! And it stays there! Or at least until others below push it out. You just need to be careful, as you always do with cherries, because even though they don't cry when you poke them, they do bleed cherry juice all over. So this is now a fun kitchen prep project instead of an annoyance as it used to be.

The next best choice for me is a chopstick!

They also suggested a simple metal pastry tip, the type you use for icing and that type of decoration...all very good ideas.

Cherry Ho!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Update on Our Charity Crafting Stash

It was time to pack and document and stash our latest batch of finished projects.

tossed a bag into the closet for mid-October; will add along the way. This bag contains:
Scarves            7
Hats                 14
Gloves             15

we already have 3 full bags in the closet. I just finished packing this current bag and tossed it in. We plan to take these to Baby's Bounty in the Fall. So far, we have
Jackets             53
Hats                 28
Blankets          8

The pix here are what went into the latest bag...
Rolling along...

Friday, July 8, 2022

Update on Prayer Request for Friend of Friend

Back on July 4, we asked for prayers for a man who was jaundiced and had yellow eyes, who went to an ER, and then to a hospital. We now have an update on his actual condition and it is overwhelming - quite a few issues at one time... please keep him in your prayers big time?

This is what I've been told:

He has stage 4 Liver & Pancreatic Cancer & a blood clot in his lungs that they are trying to break up. He has diabetes & usually runs high but it keeps tanking so he is stuck at the hospital until they can get it stable again. Yesterday his blood sugar was 320.


You all know how serious all of these issues are, individually, let alone on top of one another.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you loved friends here on earth so you know the pain his loved ones are going through. You went through pain yourself so you also understand the pain this man is going through. Please look gently upon him and his medical team and help in all the ways you can. Jesus, we trust in you!

Repeating a Prayer Request From February

Back on February 5, I asked for prayers for a friend who was becoming overwhelmed with family and loved ones and growing caregiving issues added to normal daily stress. I'm just going to paste it right here, again, because I can't say it any better than I did back then. It is getting worse, plus her own physical limits are increasing, lots of undiagnosed pain, troubles with her hands and fingers when crocheting, and more... please, say a few wee prayers for her?

February 5, 2022

Prayers, Please, for a Friend Overwhelmed with Caregiving!

Sometimes it's not only those who are ill who need our prayers. 

A very dear friend of mine, not much younger than I, is both emotionally and physically overwhelmed with worry and caregiving, in various degrees, with 3 men in her life - her hubby, and two adult sons. 

Between actual caregiving, and trying to help one son navigate financial issues because of an on-site job accident for which the disability ran out and he's still unable to function at full capacity, another son who is a end-stage cancer in another state and that breaks her heart, and her beloved hubby with several physical issues they are dealing with and running back and forth to specialists, I don't know how she is holding on.

She loves her family so much so in each case she is trying to help in many different ways.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you know what it's like to be overwhelmed with worry. Please look upon this woman with compassion and give her the strength to get through each of these situations. Heal those who need it, resolve issues where needed, and assist her in any way possible. Jesus, we trust in you!

Monday, July 4, 2022

Prayers, Please for Friend of Friend?

We don't know what is wrong but as she says, "he came over this morning & was yellow & his eyes were yellow instead of white. They are running some tests & possible surgery." They live in another county, a tad rural, but rushed him to the ER and then he was shipped to a hospital here in Vegas.

Not very fun stuff for a holiday. Praying hard that they got him in time, whatever the issue is. Prayers very much appreciated.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you know how our bodies are prone to illnesses. Please look compassionately upon this man and help him and his medical team in any way you can. Jesus, we trust in you.