Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Silkie’s Nip Trip, De-Cluttering, and more...

In some ways, today was very productive; not so, in others. What I accomplished was all small, but sometimes those small things add up at the end of the day and look real good in hindsight.

Silkie got lucky with an unexpected Nip Trip. Ever since her injury on Feb 14th, on Sunday mornings I’ve given her a pinch of powdered catnip from a bag from a friend who finds it wild where they go in the summer. However, I’ve grown tired of reaching into the bag, tilting it, and trying to get a pinch from whatever powder falls to the bottom, around all the sticks and leaves and such. Today, I took out the big plastic colander, a wide shallow bowl, and had at it. I strained it, and put only the powder back into the bag. The smell was all over so there was no way I could deny Silkie a pinch.

For some odd reason, I could not stop long today. I usually need to put my legs up once or twice during the day if I want them to hold up. No biggie -my legs and I have worked that out. But today, I just seemed to keep finding things to do while I was on them.

I made one of my garden salads to stretch over the next few days. I defrosted some peaches from my freezer, and began defrosting the whole chicken, which I will cook tomorrow night, overnight. I packed the peaches into smaller portions and froze some and left some down.

Tomorrow they pick up recycle tubs, so I grabbed what I’ve accumulated for the two-week span and took that out. Plus I grabbed some folded cardboard and also flattened a few boxes of recyclables and got them out of the way.

Made a few calls - the thrift store for pickup on Thursday (now I’ll work on some more for them, tomorrow), the Vet for Silkie’s prescription diet kibble to pick up in a week or so, and my health provided to check on something.

Along the way, I began trying to find a way to easily transfer clay litter from the 21# bag I got yesterday, before the car broke down, to some containers. Finally found a funnel that would allow a reasonably quick flow from clumsy bag to plastic bottles. I’ll finish that tomorrow. I spent too much time bent over during the trial-and-error time.

All of this was before Noon.

Later, I sorted 3 bags of donated yarn into bags by weight: worsted, baby/sport, etc. That made a much neater stash. Lots more to still sort.

In between, when I needed to sit a moment, I worked on the baby blanket I began Saturday at the mechanic’s shop. I’ve also been working on the 2 pair of crocheted slippers for the order for my friend.

Yep, I do feel good, good and tired. But a good tired. You all know what I mean. Tomorrow, I must finish one crochet project for someone else, and finish transferring that litter, among other things. But today, well, today saw a lot of little things done. Good.

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