Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sad News for a Friend

A few days ago, I posted, asking for prayers for 3 friends (link here).

Sorry to report that the father of one of these friends passed away overnight. I know that in their hearts, they had hoped they would have a little longer time with him. Apparently that was not meant to be. From what I understand, though, his passing was natural and during the night.

Thank you, my friends, for keeping the needs of others in your prayers, even when you do not know them.

At this point, they will need a lot of prayer. They are a financially challenged family but a close and loving one. Somehow they will muddle through. But it will be very hard, arrangements-wise.

On the other folks I mentioned at that time, I should be hearing over the coming week about my friend who had the mastectomy. She is offline for now and staying with family.

Sweet Lord Jesus, once again, we ask for prayers for the family who just lost their loved one. Comfort them; hold them in your loving arms; and send them as much peace as they need to get through this. Please, also, look at their circumstances and the fact that they love and help one another, and bless them with help with the final arrangements and other earthly issues that come with this loss.

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