Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Prayer Answered - Update

On the 15th, I mentioned that the father of one of those friends passed on, but peacefully, in his sleep, from what we gather. Although that is not what the family hoped for, his passing, it surely must help to know he didn’t suffer more than need be. Prayers will be needed for a while to come. They will be facing income downsizing now, and possible housing glitches, plus the normal grief.

Then, yesterday, I heard from the friend who just had the mastectomy on Thursday. She’s back home after spending a few post-op days with family. She sounds much more chipper than I expected but that doesn’t mean she won’t have pain along the way during recovery. From what I know from other friends, that type of surgery requires a bit of therapy as well, to keep the skin over that area, and up under that arm, from tightening too much while healing, and therefore limiting movement. So, I thank you very much for your prayers. The surgery apparently went well. She is apparently healing well. But I will continue to keep up the prayers, now and then, until after the next surgery - the implant of a prosthesis. That’s way down the line.

The third person in that trio of prayer requests has been very quiet. I am praying that it’s a case of “no news is good news.” I worry about her. Prayers will continue here, as well.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for the prayers already answered. We have been told by you that there is not only power in prayer, going to the Father through you, but also that there is power in many prayers, when we gather together. Thank you for friends who pray for folks they do not even know. Thank you for good hearts and souls who do this for each other. Special blessings for those who pray for others, please? And please continue to work on solutions for these folks we worry about.

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