Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Prayer Request for 3 Friends

This year has seen me very slow to get back into posting to the blog. That annoys me. On top of that, the very first post of the New Year happens to be a request for prayers. Although it is a very important and heartfelt post, it has a touch of sadness and an even bigger touch of worry about it. There are three folks in particular who need prayers.

First, there is a dear friend who is facing surgery tomorrow - a mastectomy. She has recently completed several rounds of chemo and radiation. She has endured the required waiting time after the last session and she is afraid of tomorrow and the surgery. She expects another down the line for a prosthesis implant. But first she has to get past tomorrow and all the healing and therapy that goes with it. She is frightened and rightfully so.

Next, another friend has been silent for a few weeks. She and I touch base off and on, online. She has quite a number of troubles to deal with. Each issue, alone, is enough to wear out a normal human being. One of these, 24/7 caregiving for an elderly mother, is enough in itself, to overwhelm anyone. On top of that, she has been depressed and has a few medical issues of her own to deal with. I worry that she will wear out. There are no options for visiting help - she has looked into every possible option.

Finally, another friend had a Dad who is in need of prayers, big time. Without going into a lot of details, there has been a lot of loss in this family in the past couple of years. They are still dealing with emotional wounds that are still fresh. Now they are facing the possibility of placing him on hospice status. They really are not ready for yet another loss and they hope with all their hearts that they can have him around a good while longer.

I had plans for this year’s first post. I wanted to review events of the past year and share the things that, looking back, made it a better year than expected. That will need to wait a day or so. For now, I need to keep these folks in my prayers. And I ask that each of you do so, too, if you have a moment.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you who healed all who came to you or who were brought to you, please glance in the direction of these friends. Please hear their prayers and ours, and share your compassionate and merciful love with them. Heal, where possible, and above all, send each one the patience and strength and faith to whatever extent they need during these troubling times. My heart aches for each one and I wish I could do more. But for now, I trust that you know what they need and that you will provide. Please bless all who pray on their behalf and bless them abundantly.

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Manypaths said...

I love the prayer. I always am looking for a way to say what is in my heart when I pray for others. Sort of a way to tell Him what I want, but let him know He is in charge and I will do whatever/wherever He sends me. 1. Cancer is terrifying, but I feel she will be well. 2. Nevada has the worst services for in NH you can't keep the nurses away...they have nurses a couple times a week, a lady who cleans, a social worker who makes all those difficult calls for people. 3. I love hospice people, but very hard to find a nice one out there. My dad was in one....perhaps he was not in a good one cause he was rather indigent. I don't know. But, normally hospice people are wonderful. He doesn't need one yet, I believe. I do believe I am a healer of sorts, and i can check in on these folks and thats what comes to mind when I do. Love, Kitty