Saturday, January 14, 2017

Swagbucks Win from a Swagstakes!

I started playing with using a few points here and there in the various Swagstakes drawings on Swagbucks. I only started this during this past week and not consistently.

I kept it to using just 1 or 4 or 5 at a time but there are a few where they'll say “500 SB reward/each entry 40/limited to 50 entries, 35 left” - that sort of thing - the few I entered only this morning, one cost me 40 SBs, and limited to 25 entries, and must have only just then been posted because most entries were still available.

Well, I just won (and already received) 500 SBs!

My point level was way down after the holidays, below 1000, actually only about 650 this morning, and I "spent" about 90 playing around and was almost regretting it -

Because I use my accumulated SBs for food and other necessities (even jammies!), I hate wasting them, so even though I am really, really excited about this, I’m not going to let it push me into using a lot of my points just “hoping” to win something.

The win, 500 SBs, translates to $5 in spendability out in the real world, but for me, even $5 is important...

That really was exciting. I needed to share this with you other Swagbucks members, in case you wondered if anyone “real” ever won. The answer, obviously, is “Yes! They do!”

It took the edge off of my frustration from being disqualified from a lot of surveys today.

You can go here to check it out or to sign up -

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