Sunday, November 6, 2016

Swagbucks Update and Activity

Scarcely a week ago, I cashed in some of my Swagbucks to buy some badly needed undies. I did that with a $25 gift card from those points.

Early on in my Swagbucks efforts, I had already cashed in several $25 and $10 gift cards for food, household supplies and pet needs.

By the way, I'd love to know why, when agencies mention that the average person spends XX dollars on food for the week or month, nobody seems to differentiate between "food" and what I'd call "necessary incidentals." What they never seem to calculate in there is the cost of TP, soap, dental supplies, deodorant, laundry supplies, and, well, you get my drift.

I try very hard to limit my food needs by doing a lot of cooking at home, from scratch. But those incidentals - they get me every time.

For that reason, I really have been grateful that I've found Swagbucks. The past two or three months, I've been able to avoid touching my bill money and I've been covering food and incidentals with SBs.
Slowly but surely, I am also increasing my daily totals and accumulating SBs more quickly.

What I've noticed is that we each have our own skills sets and comfort zones. It can take a while for each of us to discover which of the dozens of SB-earning opportunities work best for us.

Patience, too, is the key when dealing with Swagbucks offers and choices.

In the past, I've explained the quickest ways to build up totals, and I've explained some of the opportunities...if you are reading this, you are already on my blog. Just click on the Swagbucks topic in the list at the side and you'll see the earlier posts. 
Or, click on them here:

Back to my own experiences. Once again, I'm cashing some Swagbucks for a $25 gift card and I'll still have enough for $15 more if I need it. And, I'll be adding to that $15 every day.

What I love is that this is all free. I'm on the internet anyway. This is a far better use of that resource than playing Spider Solitaire or any of the Mahjongg versions I have on my PC. This way, I earn some SBs, then I tell myself I deserve a round or two of my fave PC game - sweet!

You can go here to join or to check it out:


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hummmmm...maybe I should try swagbucks. I have done surveys on the internet but NEVER received something for my work....sounds like you are actually working too and getting paid for your work????

I may try this. Could use the extra gift cards and stuff added bonus????

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Good to "see" you this morning, my friend. Yep, Swagbucks is a "sleeper" when it comes to picking up free gift cards and more...

Do me a favor? If you check it out, use this link:

It might take you a week or two to figure it out, but even so, along the way, you'll be earning points. They can be used for gift cards for everything from stores (Walmart, etc.), gasoline for car, and so much more.

If you do sign up, feel free to contact me with any questions along the way. Folks have helped me work my way through it, and I'm so grateful and it does help with the learning curve. The surveys take an average of 15 to 30 minutes, and give you anywhere from 50 to 150 SBs (that's 50-cents to 1.50), and these days, I'm picking up $2 to $3 a day, nice and easy and stress-free.

Good luck!!!
Hugs and prayers