Friday, November 18, 2016

My Blog Posts Update and Slow Cooker Projects

Yesterday I posted about my concern over some changes to Blogger. This is where I post my blog posts. I needn't have worried. I heard from a few folks who regularly get my posts in their emails and they have not missed a single one, so I guess everything is cool. I did need to know, though, so to you who got in touch with me - thank you!

Meanwhile, two days ago I posted about my plans to re-stock my freezer with some slow cooker meals and more.

Yesterday, I took a spaghetti squash from the fridge and nuked it. Those things are SO hard to cut! I usually cut it in half and scoop out the seeds before cooking them. When it was done, I added some sauce and made 3 meals out of it. I also took a one-pound ground turkey chub and turned that into a meat loaf in the toaster oven, and then cut it into 8ths. I added a piece to each container of sauced spaghetti sauce (I had one of those today), and put the other pieces in the freezer for when I want some.

Today, I prepped onions and bell peppers. I cooked a one-pound package of ground chicken someone had given me. Then I took a can each of Rotel, diced tomatoes, kidney beans and other things, and tossed it all into the slow cooker. I just turned that on and it will cook during the night. It will be an easy pack-and-cleanup in the morning. And I'll have about 8 containers of chili out of it.

Moving along...

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