Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Automatic Blog Feeds/Emails

I have no idea which of you get my blog posts automatically in your emails or RSS feeds. I do not even completely understand RSS feeds.

However, Blogger has suddenly done something that is very good, for me, and possibly annoying, for you - at least, at first.
I pray you each see this.

As of yesterday or today, they have now "encrypted" the blog posts. That means you view them over a secure network. I had to "turn it on" and it supposedly re-directs old traffic ( to the new secure web address ( 

The only difference, in the spelling, is that little "s" after "http" - anytime you go online, that little "s" in the web address (https) means you are on a secure site. Well, as secure as anything online can be these days.

I am trying to find out how to reach each of my emailed followers.

IF you are one of the folks who "follow" me, or receive my blog posts in your emails or feeds (not via Facebook), and you do get THIS one, please let me know? I'd appreciate a quick "I got it!" sent to: emayfieldz at aol dot com. Maybe I won't have to do anything more than I've already done.

Why I'm concerned is that I almost always get 30 or more views per post, and last night, I only got 6 - that tells me something went flooey and I need to figure this out.

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