Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time to Haul out the Slow Cooker Again

My stash of crock pot meals has slowly disappeared into my tummy. Time to get busy on a new stash. 

I'm defrosting a chub of ground turkey in the fridge. Tomorrow, or overnight tomorrow, I'll do a big pot of ground turkey chili. I have everything I need for that.

Over the weekend, I'll do a whole chicken in that slow cooker. Someone gave me a big ol' chicken but it's frozen solid. It will take a few days to defrost safely in the fridge. When that's done cooking, I can cut off meal size portions and freeze them for easy grab-and-go quick-fix meals.

Tomorrow, I should do that one spaghetti squash that keeps looking at me. I have a jar of home made sauce someone gave me, so I should also use that up. In addition, I have a pound of ground chicken in the freezer. Maybe I could make that into a baby toaster-oven meat loaf and pack slices of that with the spaghetti squash into meal size portions and freeze them.

One other thing really needs to be cooked before I end up having to toss it out - I've got 2 small dark eggplants and 1 small white one. I also have a package of Shake and Bake so I might slice those into 1/2-inch-thick rounds and do them up in the toaster oven on disposable foil so I have no clean up.

The slow cooker pot is so easy to wash after I use it. This past month, month and a half, that I've had to water-ration, wash-ups after cooking is something I need to think about ahead of cooking time.

That should put some different meals in the freezer for me.

There's only one thing I really should buy, and that is some meaty ham bones. I crave some pea soup and some ham-and-beans and other things. I would need no other meat for a long time.

Sometimes, it just helps to write something like this down - it implants it into the mind and makes it more likely that I will follow through. Sometimes, not always...


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes and prayers for husband's cancer. Friday we go to the Doctor to make decisions as to what JP will want done. He asked for prayer by elders and feels he will be healed. So that probably would mean another biopsy to see if the cancer is gone. Do keep him in prayer. Thank you.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Louise, you can be sure of my prayers. I also meant to tell you how beautiful your cards are. You are amazing. Hang in there. So, as for your birthday, you'll be 39, right? I can't believe I made it to 77 after my wild youth. I keep trying to make up for that (sigh). Hugs. Evie