Friday, November 11, 2016

Dealing with Swagbucks Surveys

Like any new activity, working with Swagbucks takes a little time and a little patience. Most folks do find that doing a few surveys, either daily or weekly, helps their points total add up more quickly.

To find surveys, go to your Swagbucks home page. Along the left side is a menu that begins: Earn your SB, and under that, you'll see Answer...that's their category name for surveys. Click that. You'll see Gold Surveys at the top, plus the Daily Poll, and you might have to click "more" to see Peanut Labs.

Now, here's what you need to know about Gold Surveys and Peanut Lab surveys. You will not qualify for every one you click on. Don't expect it; don't feel hurt or angry when you do not qualify. Some surveys, even if you do not qualify, or they are filled, will still reward you with a single SB just for trying. Others will not.

There have been times when I went from survey to survey, perhaps six or seven, and didn't qualify. I just quit for a while and tried again later that day, or that evening. But there are times when I've qualified for several in a row.

The reason for the qualifying is simple. They are trying to find folks who fit into specific demographics for each specific survey. Or they might want a variety. It's not personal.

Here's something else to keep in mind. Almost all surveys begin the same way. They almost always ask for your mm/dd/yyyy birthday or age, your gender, your marital status, your income (in brackets), your level of education, and your race/ethnicity. That helps them know right away if they have too many white college grads in the Nebraska area and need to diversify for their survey. So, if you have any problem with any of that, the surveys are not for you. Try the games, or videos, or something else.

Don't stress on any one way of earning your Swagbucks. Try a little of everything, here and there, to find your favorites and your own comfort zone.

The surveys, truthfully, are the biggest SB providers. They can range from 15 to 300+ SB per survey, and from 3 to 33 minutes each.

Another tip: in the beginning, pick the shorter surveys. Also, each time you do one or two Gold Surveys, and come back to try another, refresh your page...they appear and are filled up very quickly.

One last tip. Do not give up on Swagbucks. Even if you try one week, and feel disappointed or frustrated, come back, now and then, and try again. It took me a few months (I'm a slow learner in my old age, it seems), and then suddenly, I realized the things that I liked best and could do most easily.

Good luck to you...

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