Monday, October 10, 2016

The Appeal of Roughing It

The appeal of "roughing it" seems to fade as the decades pass. Dealing with life without running water might have been an adventure when I was younger. What a challenge in my 50s and even 60s. Now toward the end of my 70s, it's still a challenge but I need to talk myself into it. In case you missed it, here are links to my current dilemma.

Still, it's something I must deal with.

There's no way I can even consider selling and going to a little affordable living apartment with the pipes as they are. I wouldn't be able to sell this place and I'm not about to toss out my 16 year investment in time and love and funds.

Even if I were to consider a roomie, that, too, is not do-able until those pipes are fixed.

So, deal with it I must and will. No biggie - it will work itself out.

But I do need to remind myself that I am no longer 39.

Today, for example, I sat on the floor and rummaged in an under-the-counter cabinet, looking for paper plates. I'd decided to use the smallest for mini-cutting boards for things like apples, cucumbers, and so on, and the larger one for some meals. This would help me use less of the bottled water I've been using for dishes.

It went well. I found a great stash of both sizes. I was so happy. I went to get up off the floor, stupidly put my right hand on the top of a kitchen chair and heaved myself up, only to have the chair topple to the side. I fell, of course.

Now don't get worried. I did not break anything. It's possible I twisted my left wrist a bit too much. It is cranky now. But it's not that bad. I was able to finish crocheting a scarf for the homeless, do some kitchen prep, and even begin the last stage of a small order for a friend - I just need to finish weaving the ribbon in some plastic canvas crosses. It's just embarrassing to me that I was so foolish I didn't think about what I was doing.

That kitchen prep I mentioned: I had 8 apples and decided to cut/dice them all once and get it over with, then nuke them into a softer stage, toss those into recycled peanut butter jars, and have them ready to use for everything from morning oatmeal to salads. I ended up with 4 jars. I'll freeze 2 and keep 2 in the fridge.

I wanted to add some brown sugar to the mix, but it was hard. I forgot to put it into some old Tupperware containers that I found to keep it soft. So I nuked that a little, too, and then portioned it into those containers.

I do feel like I accomplished a little today, even if it wasn't what I wanted to do.

Tomorrow, I really must, must, must begin pulling bags of yarn and bags of our items for the homeless away from one particular wall. I need to sort and re-pack the yarn, and label the other things, and then put them into a closet far away from where they might need to work if I can ever get the pipes done.

Yep, we're moving along...

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