Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Possible Happy Side Effect of Plumbing Issues

With all this activity, stressful though it might be, it occurred to me tonight that I might end up losing a bit of the weight I put back on this year. I placed my scale where I could see it when I get up tomorrow so I can document current weight. I should have done this almost a week ago but I had no idea then just how much lifting, toting and more that I would be doing.

I've been up and down my back steps, few as they are, so many times each day it must count for something. And I haven't even begun to move the other stuff around.

Of course, it might take a week or two for me to see any results.

Tomorrow, I'm putting a few boxes out for charity pickup - they were already sorted so that is reasonably easy.

Remember that minor fall yesterday? The wrist is ten times better today - still a little cranky in the thumb area, but not as bad as I expected.

So far, so good - not quite a week. I must admit the new routine takes a bit more stamina.

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