Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Barbie Tutu Results

 About a month ago, I finished the Barbie canoe that I crocheted for a friend's grandchild, on this post. I needed to wait for a neighbor to get back in town before we could give it to her - we wanted to present it together.

In the meantime, I played with some other Barbie patterns I found. I fell in love with a leotard and tutu pattern. This little girl happens to be taking ballet lessons, and loves purple. I happened to have some Luster Sheen in purple in my stash. Destined for each other, right?
I made one in purple, one in teal and one in burgundy (or dark fuchsia?). Anyhow here are photos of the purple and teal sets.

They are crocheted around little 1-inch ponytail bands. So the leotard pulls up over the hips and waist and sits above the chest. The tutu is then pulled up over that. I just love making these. I need to play with other yarns, threads and hook sizes.

The leotard, alone, could work also as a one-piece bathing suit. And it could easily be made without the stitches at the bottom for the leg openings. That way, it could also work as a skirt.

I checked Etsy and there are only a handful (less than 5) that are being sold, handmade, finished, crocheted, so competition is very light on these...hmmm....

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