Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Faith - My Friend

Short as this may be, it is heartfelt. We all have moments of worry or stress or concern. Maybe it's not even about ourselves but about someone we care deeply about.

The thing is, I am so very grateful for my faith. When such moments arise, and I find myself beginning to devote too much time and effort and thought into the "what if" and "what can I do about this" and so on, that's when faith is the most reliable friend I've got.

That is when I simply turn the concern over to a higher power, as my sis would say back in her AA days. She was absolutely right, though. The simple act of releasing it into God's hands relieves me of that burden. I then say a little prayer to Jesus asking for his help along the way.

This doesn't guarantee me an immediate solution. But it does lighten my load. Eventually, it will work out - it always does. I might not like how it works out, but even those times, in retrospect, are always best.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for spending time on this earth in one of our bodies, for experiencing what we experience, and for understanding. Please help me especially with the types of earthly concerns I know you ran into yourself. You had friends and loved ones and family - you know life here. I only ask that you send blessings my way to always remind me that you are there to share that burden, to help me understand, so that I do not spin my wheels trying to figure it out on my own. I trust in you.

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