Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Facts of Etsy Life - Some Marketing is Necessary

I've been neglecting my Etsy shop for a long time. I've made some items, almost a hundred, and listed them, over time. And lately, I've just allowed them to sit there, hoping folks will find them. I never make a lot from the shop - it's just a happy feeling when someone like what I've made and actually pays me for it.

However, I must be honest with myself - I do need some additional income. I usually manage to get things paid each month, and feed the kitty and keep her in litter, but it's a struggle to also deal with food and fuel for the car. That doesn't include anything that comes up, no matter how small - a haircut, for example, or a car battery, whatever.

The thing is, I positively hate marketing. I'm not even good at it.

Thankfully, Etsy encourages the development of "teams" and folks get together and help promote the items made by other team members.

It's time I got back into it, at least to that level. The team has promoted my items off and on. This week, they have been very busy and have promoted my shop at least four different times. So now I should at least do the same. In doing so, the team members who I help promote reciprocate, always, by doing the same for me.

I also went into my shop and updated/revised some descriptions. I noticed that my crocheted Rustic Wall Crosses did not have the size in the title line - it occurred to me that this would be a big help - when folks are searching, they depend on those brief item-titles to help them filter the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of choices, to find the best item for their search.

Yep - I should give myself a certain number of hours a week to maintain the shop. This includes updating text, adding new items, promoting at least in a limited way, and so on. Onward and upward.


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