Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Silver Linings and Rays of Sunshine

I am always so happy when I see someone who thinks the way I do when bad things happen to us. I don't mean tragic deaths or anything severe, but the daily trials we all run into on life's unpredictably bumpy road.

One of my dear friends recently had major trouble with his car. While others might moan and groan that this "happened" to them, he was grateful that he got home before car the car gave out. He could have been stuck in our Vegas heat (110+) waiting for road service. It will be a costly fix, so I'll be keeping him in my prayers on this.

Another, who chooses not to let others know of her situation, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer in her elder years. Her hair is falling out now, and instead of bemoaning the fact, she kidded with me that she felt like "Pigpen" in the comic strip with all that "stuff" always floating around him. She is, she said, grateful to be alive. I keep her, too, in my prayers, big time, on her journey.

And you all know all the times I have posted similar events in my own life. Many times, what looked bad turned out to be something caught in time before it was an even bigger problem.

Thank you, Father, for always being there for us in our times of need. Thank you for giving us strength, and especially for blessing us with a sense of humor that helps us navigate often troubled waters.

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