Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Things Offer the Most Joy

I was thinking tonight about how the little things in my life mean the most. 

Of course I would be thrilled to be able to buy a Powerball ticket and win millions in a lottery. Of course I would be happy with perfect health. Of course I would be tickled pink to be able to make all the repairs that this old mobile home needs. And of course I would love it if I hadn't lost some loved ones over the years.

But even if all those things were to either materialize or to reverse themselves, they couldn't compare with the simple comfort of the daily blessings I receive without even asking.

Take my washer and dryer. They are here in my pantry, just a room or two away. Considering how many decades I had to use either a coin-operated machine (after walking several blocks, rolling my laundry in a folding cart) or an on-site laundry room at an apartment complex, this is a real joy and blessing. And I am so happy they are here and working and I thank the Lord every time I use them. (We won't mention that I do miss the smell of fresh air dried clothes.)

Then there is Silkie. I didn't plan to replace our beloved Tigger when he passed on but my live-in nephew talked me into a trip to the local shelter and we brought home my first shelter cat. She was 1-1/2 then, and in June, she became five. It took her almost 2 years to get on my lap, and to purr. It took a long time for her to fully trust me. But I thank God for her every day. And because I am responsible for her, I must take care of myself, as well, because I'm all she's got and I never want her to need to make another adjustment.

Even smaller things are blessings - Hot and cold running water; enough linens for the beds; the ability to make things with my hands; a car that runs; being able to put gas in that old car; clothes on my back; food in my belly; the roof over my head (leaky though it may be); the TV; VHS tapes and CDs; being able to walk without a walker; my senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; being able to take a nap when I need get the idea.

Each sense alone brings its own delight - the sight of the sky at dusk, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of a mockingbird or my cat's purr, the feel of clean sheets, and the taste of chocolate!

Sweet Jesus, please thank the Father for me for all these blessings and more. You lived simply and knew these pleasures as well. You understand. You could have had riches and power and more, yet you chose, instead, love and peace and faith. We not only have these little blessings, but we have the riches of the kingdom to look forward to one day, because of you. Thank you.

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