Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Beginnings of Wisdom Come So Late in Life

Many times I have posted on this Blog about my inability to keep quiet when arguments begin. Most times, it is when I feel I can help the person see or do what I think is right.

I wrote last February about Turning the Other Cheek. I wrote in December of 2010 about When Silence is Golden. I posted several times in 2011, most recently in October, about Praying Instead of Speaking.

Obviously, this is not something I find easy to do. I do not seem to be a willing pupil of the Lord's in this area of my life. Yet, my prayers have been answered a little more each day. It has been many weeks since a heated argument with one person, in particular. Today, unfortunately, I let myself go and shouted and ranted and, of course, got nowhere.

I thought back to my beloved Mother, gone now since '94. She was 76 when she passed away. A year or two before that, she confessed to me that she had finally, in her early 70s, learned when to just give in and keep quiet. She said that she did this especially when saying something wouldn't help anyway.

I thought back to my beloved long-time friend, Jane, gone now three years. She was 80 when she passed on. She, too, had confessed to me that she finally learned to stop fighting a losing battle with people who weren't going to hear her words no matter how true or heartfelt they were. She said she had come to this conclusion during her 70s.

Well, here it is - my own 70s. Slowly, ever so slowly, I am learning this lesson as well. But why does it take so long for us to gain this wisdom? I think it's simply because we are human beings with our own free will. This free will is a wondrous gift from God. However, this free will can cause us to be very stubborn at times.

The good news is that when I looked back, last year, I posted once a month, at one point, every month. Then I managed to get through the rest of October, November, and December, until today. Yes, this is very good news. Does that mean I am finally "growing up" in the ways of the Lord, finally gaining wisdom? Perhaps. Only time will tell.

All right, my Sweet Lord, I guess I am finally getting the message. Still, I ask for your continued patience with me while I make some even greater distance between these episodes. I might be slow to learn, but I truly, truly want to learn this lesson well and to please you by doing so.

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