Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ways to Give the Joy of Song

Two nights ago I wrote about the first Christmas gifts, and mentioned that one of them was the singing of the heralding angels. Last night, I wrote about how Christmas hymns and songs could fill my own heart this season.

Tonight, I was thinking of how to share this with others. I remember when my beloved sister, Betty, was in long term care for four years before she found peace with the Lord. During that time, at least twice that I can remember, carolers visited the long term care center and strolled the halls, singing. Once when that happened, I was on the phone with her (she was in another state), and we both listened to them together. It was always the highlight of her Christmas in the facilities. This made me realize that one way to share would be to get two or three folks who would like to do this with me in a local facility. We don't need a dozen folks in the group. And we don't need to visit a dozen facilities. Just touching the ears, souls and hearts of the folks in one facility would be wonderful.

Another way to share this would be to get, again, at least one or two others together and make a CD or DVD disk with us caroling, copy it, and send it to anyone who knew at least one of us. This would be a truly personal gift.

Still another option would be to buy a few low-cost disks or tapes to give as gifts.

Lord Jesus, you obviously loved the sound of music so help me, please, to know which ways I can use to share the music in my heart with others this season.

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