Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas - DYI Money Cards

For anybody giving either currency or gift certificates to folks on their gift list, this post shows where to download cards and matching envelopes to print from home. This means we do not have to pay big bucks at the store for these. They include a nice collection to choose from. I found them in an online search for this ongoing series (9/21-12/24) of handmade Christmas gift ideas.

Jane Lake is the editor of the site, AllFreePrintables, and her post is here.

These are all copyrighted, as is the one photo I used to give you an idea of what they offer.

I like the fact that they provide lots of tips on the post for the printing - types of paper, for instance. Please do yourself a favor and read the whole post so you don't overlook any other ideas for covering your gift list this year.

They are better than some others I've seen at various websites. For example, they offer both vertical and horizontal cards. Each card is a tri-fold, and the graphics are also on the inside flap that holds the money or certificate in place. These are all pluses.

I was going to post this the last week before Christmas but then I realized some of us might want to mail these, so earlier is better.

For other projects in my series, just look along the right sidebar for the label "Christmas Gift Projects." I hope to post only tips that do not require knitting, crocheting, machine sewing, tatting, embroidery, or any other skilled technique.

If you are feeling too crushed for time to make your own gifts this season, check my Etsy shop for items for your gift list.

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