Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tricks to Jog the Senior Memory

A friend/neighbor planned to drop something off to me this morning before Noon. When it didn't appear by 7 tonight, I sent him a gentle email saying that either life got in the way (totally understandable) or someone stole the bag (not likely). I mentioned I assumed he'd try again in a day or so.

He made me laugh when he replied that he was going outside right after he hit "Send" on his reply and put the bag on the front passenger seat of his car so that he wouldn't forget, and he would drop it off in the morning.

Living in a senior mobile home community, I'm well aware of all the tricks we try in order to remember things.

I sent a reply to his reply - "Good luck with that. I'm at the point where I will often put things on the floor in front of the pantry door, hoping that if I trip over it going out, I'll remember to take it with me."

You have to be over 70 to relate -
Rolling along...

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