Monday, January 14, 2019

So Grateful So Often

I was thinking today that folks who read this might think that my life's problems outweigh my blessings. That's definitely not true. Even though you might see me post about a current concern, it doesn't mean I dwell on it all night and day.

When I hit a bump on life's road, I do have a normal reaction. I might worry for a while - a few minutes, an hour, or however long it takes me to begin moving on. But I do keep going.

Even in the midst of calling for estimates, say, or for ideas from a friend or two, about a solution, I am still always aware of my blessings.

See, I've learned that my blessings are all around me, all the time. They can be as small as the single cat hair I notice on my shoe that reminds me of Silkie, and that reminds me of all the fur-babies in my life.

Or it can be the smell of something I'm cooking, reminding me that I have always had something to eat. I might be bored of the same old, same old, but I am still eating, and thus, still blessed.

And it can be simply lying in bed, just before I fall asleep, and feeling blessed for the little bed I am in... there was a time when I had to sleep on a fold-up cot, and another when I had to sleep on a folding lawn chaise with a thick cover to make it soft enough.

It can be the hot water for doing my dishes and taking a shower. And it is, and always will be, so very many things, each and every day.

No matter what trouble I run into in life, I can always find something for which to be grateful.

Sweet Lord Jesus, I'm taking a moment to thank you for always being there when I am facing troubles. I know you are listening and for that I am grateful. But even more, I thank you and the Father and the Holy Spirit, simply, for the gift and blessing of faith. I trust in you.

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