Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Good Day - 2 Internet Problems Solved Plus Foods Stashed

This was a very productive day even though it wasn't what I planned.

Internet - email
My main email has been through aol almost back to when they began, years and years ago. But my CenturyLink internet DSL came with an embarq email account. Somehow, recently, I accidentally sent one or two things over there and it's been over 2 years since I accessed that. A very good chat session got me straightened out.

Internet - backups in cloud
About 5 years ago, my brother talked me into getting a Carbonite backup plan. I had lost file after file when my typically used computers crashed. Even today, it's only $72 a year for my basic plan for one computer - I always make sure to cover that each Feb when it comes due. But the first week of January, I opened a 2018 file, decided to use its style for 2019 work and changed the name from xxx2018 to xxx2019 and deleted all but the format. After a week of using and adding to this new file, I realized I now no longer had my 30 pages of 2018 material. Duh! After a nice "chat" online with Carbonite, they helped me retrieve the last saved 2018 version of that file. I am so very grateful.

Somehow, in spite of the time on the computer with these fun issues, I managed to make 6 days of coffees, diced and nuked 9 apples to make 3 cups for cereal, etc., and even made oatmeal for 5 days. Considering yesterday I tucked away several days of my veggie omelets and other things, I'm very satisfied.

Except, of course, for what I really had planned to do today. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow, she says, hopefully.
Rolling along...

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