Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Eve Day - Stocked Up & Got Smart

Originally, I planned to "not" go out yesterday. Then I remembered that Smiths was beginning one of their case-lot sales. I rarely buy things in larger quantities because it means a corresponding larger cash outlay. But sometimes I do let my $16 in food stamps just build for a month or so before one of these sales. This time, I had done exactly that.

I don't get tons of things at these sales. This time I got a case of peanut butter, a case of Rotel, and a case of black beans. Today, I really should unpack those little trays of cans/jars and put them up on the pantry shelves.

I also did something smart. My old mobile home is quite drafty. We are finally, here in the desert Vegas climate, into almost-freezing overnight. Tonight, it might even drop down to 27. I grew up and lived in much colder winter weather than this. But the draft on my legs and ankles, I must admit, in uncomfortable these days. Then I remembered that around this time last year, I had put something across the front door in the living room. So I grabbed an old bath towel, rolled it and tied it with some matching yarn in three places, and plopped it against the bottom of the door. It did make a lot of difference. Nice to know that once in a while, this brain still works.

I should caulk outside around some windows, and I should perhaps pick up some weather stripping, too, this month. Those little things do help.

Rolling along...

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