Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Making It Easy On Myself, Whenever Possible

I do so much love spending just a little time on various food prep things and then having a "roll" of a few days when I can just grab-and-eat (well, maybe warm in microwave) and know it is something I prepared that is healthier for me than convenience foods or take-out.

I still haven't made it to those poor apples. I think they won't be a done deal until Saturday.

But yesterday, I really did get to the dry milk, so that's in the fridge. I also made coffee for several days, between yesterday and today. Christmas Eve day, I had taken one of the Walgreens cans of salmon and made salmon salad (added mashed avocado, tablespoon of lemon juice, and one of relish), and I have that in containers in the fridge's upper freezer.

Today, I had fun making a bigger non-stick skillet with my veggie omelet and divided that in fourths. Ate one and saved 3 for the next 3 days - easy lunches.

Oh, and I've begun, recently, to do my oatmeal in larger batches, all mixed with my fruit choices, and divided that, too, for several servings. And I took one of the pork chili's from the upright freezer and have that defrosting - that is enough for 2 meals.

So, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are easy - defrost and eat, or defrost and heat and eat... and all good for me.

Aha - forgot that when I made Jello (4 cups) the other day, I added a can of peaches (diced first) and that, too, is easy grab and go.

I love when it works out but frankly, I am not always that organized. Or that energetic. Or that wise. But when I am, I am so happy!
Rolling along...

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