Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Year's Eve & Silkie

This year I'm trying something new for Silkie, my plump little cat (well, not so little) for New Year's Eve. 

Vegas always has fireworks galore from the rooftops of various casino/resorts. Add to that the ones that various individuals across town smuggle in from elsewhere and fire off. For pets here, it makes them a nervous wreck.

This year, I've already set aside a flimsy recycled produce bag. I've put a tablespoon of catnip in it. Tomorrow night, around 7 or 8, I'll pick up her various "floor toys" - the crocheted octopus, the two crocheted fishies, and the newest crocheted mousie, and toss them inside the bag and shake them up. I'll pour whatever doesn't stick to them onto a little lid.

Catnip makes her drowsy - but only for about 15/20 minutes. Then she gets up and eats like a little horse. But hopefully, it will take the edge off the loud booms outside.

Yes, my friends, I'm getting my fur-baby high tomorrow night... and I sure hope it helps...

Rolling along...

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