Friday, December 21, 2018

Update on My Brother's Kidney Cancer Surgery

Thank you all, each and every one of you, for your prayers. He went in for the outpatient surgery Wednesday. They had a long drive to the facility and he was concerned. My brother is 75 and has NEVER undergone anesthesia or surgery or hospitalization, even outpatient, in all those years. He was worried about that. And he was worried that if they needed to keep him, his wife would need to drive that distance home in their old truck, alone, and pray she got home before dark and that the truck didn't act up.

Surgery, according to the surgeon, went well! He'll get another scan in a few weeks just to make sure there isn't something else lurking there.

And as soon as he can, he'll get to the other doc and discuss getting off the hormones for the Stage 1 prostate cancer and try other options.

Sweet Lord Jesus, the healer, our Savior, thank you so much for hearing and acting upon the prayers of these good people. Thank you for helping my kid brother. And please, please look favorably upon people who pray for others - bless them abundantly. We trust in you!

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