Sunday, November 25, 2018

One Prayer Update and One Prayer Request

Update - thank you, so many of you, who have prayed for my brother who expected to undergo surgery this past week for the kidney cancer. He got to the facility and they prepped him in several ways, did labs, did an EKG and an X-ray - and then they sent him home. He's not sure whether that's a relief or an annoyance. His surgeon had a family emergency, they said, and they will re-schedule within 30 days. That is mental torment, in a way, even though it can't be helped. But I do feel badly for him... still, it is what it is. So, we are in a holding pattern at the moment, on this.

Request - thank you, so many of you, who prayed a while back while my friend's husband had parts of his foot shaved off due to infection and his diabetic condition. At the moment, they are very fearful of something else - his body has swollen and they have no idea what is causing it. Major bloating all over is frightening, especially when there doesn't even seem to be an obvious cause to start with for a diagnosis.

Sweet Lord Jesus, the healer, we come to you yet again for healing for loved ones. Please hear our prayers and guide the timing itself in the one case and the hands and minds of those in charge in the other case. We trust in you!

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