Saturday, November 24, 2018

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts and Thanks

Lots of us give thanks this time of year. There are so many, many reasons for me to do so - some are serious, some are lighthearted.

Faith - I am very grateful for faith; without it, I would have surely crumbled long ago.

Silkie - I am so grateful for my current kitty - she might be overweight; she is still timid; but we have our routines and our own kind of affection; she is what I needed and still do.

Home - I am so grateful for this home. Even though it is old, and has faced some issues, it is basically very sound and it is paid for and for now, I can manage its upkeep.

Friends - My gratitude for friends is widespread and overwhelming; so many of them, so many who have helped in so many ways - there is no way to express that gratitude fully.

Finances - Tricky as these have been, cutting back on a lot of things, a LOT, helped me stay afloat. No contract TV; pre-paid flip phone for roadside emergencies only; DSL in lieu of higher speed internet and no wi-fi; food pantries and lots of food prep; takeout a rarity; and more...

Health - Much gratitude here and lots of it to do with my food choices and lifestyle changes, for early detection of early cancers, and more...

Transportation - A car that is better than the one that had me in a vicious circle of short term loan companies but with higher insurance; still, a real blessing.

Little Things - ...and lots of gratitude for so many little things - most especially, gratitude for my desire to "give back" in little ways - our park newsletter (my volunteer services), charity crafting efforts, and more...

Above all, I am grateful for the ability, when I draw on it, to say "No" to things which drain me of energy, which drain me of time, and for which there are other solutions in those cases.
Rolling along...

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