Monday, November 26, 2018

Answered Prayer - My Recent Biopsy - Results

Well, technically I shouldn't know this until I see the gastroenterologist on the 3rd, but the lab emailed me to check the results online, which, of course, I did. No cancer! However, because this was the first time we found polyps in the past 18 or more years, I feel certain he will insist on continuing these colonoscopies every few years. We've been on a 3-year schedule - not sure if that will change.

Frankly, I would rather know, early, of any bad news rather than later, so I'll deal with continuing the tests if need be.

Sweet Lord Jesus, I am happy with that sneak peek at the test results. Please continue to keep me in your heart for the future in this matter. And bless those who held me in prayer! I trust in you!

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