Thursday, November 29, 2018

Leaky Roof But Minimal, I Hope

So many times, our Father has alerted me to problems that can be fixed minimally rather than catastrophically. Today was another example. The rains came. Sometime between 3 and 4 p.m., I noticed the wetness and suspected a roof leak in the pantry. I had a bag at the edge of the dryer, ready to take out in the morning - it had over 200 issues of our newsletter, ready for my one team member to distribute for delivery. I had to remove 16 of them and let them dry; meanwhile I replaced the worst of them. But I was worried.

Back in Oct. of 2015, I had my whole 24x52 double wide roof patched and coated. It was costly. A very dear friend floated a loan and it took quite a while to pay that back - several years. The job cost so much because it was long overdue when that major leak happened. We hadn't coated that roof in over 10 years and the coating before that was a cheap job. The contractors had to brush/scrape, then they were on their hands and knees with paintbrushes patching every hole up there and they finished with the coating. But, extensive as it was, it was just that - a very good, very comprehensive patch job.

When this happened today, I flashed back. Being human, I momentarily froze and tried to pretend I was not afraid of another costly job. First, though, I had to be sure it was a leak and not just rain that had blown in the door - I had been in and out several times during the hard rains.

I called my go-to guy in the park; he came by this evening and climbed the ladder (one thing I no longer do) and felt the ceiling by that back door. Yep. Wet, damp. But the dripping had been minimal. He will come by Sunday - and he will be reasonable.

Thankfully, I had recently helped a good friend with some dog feeding days. Talk about great timing! I would not have the cash to have this done while it is still a relatively small job. Oh, I know folks who would be saying, "gee, I just got that cash and now look - it's going to be gone." That's not the way I stay sane - without that on hand, I would have to wait and perhaps allow that leak to get worse!

Father in heaven, thank you once again for cluing me into something that needs attention before it gets too big to handle easily. Thank you yet again for the way to cover the cost. You are always there for me. I will continue to try to be worthy of your help and love.

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