Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Faith vs. Human Fears

Well, I expect I won't sleep too deeply tonight. It's raining, even though it's not coming down hard. I had that leak in the pantry last Thursday but haven't had a chance to get it checked and hopefully fixed.

Meanwhile, they didn't predict rain until tomorrow, so I plopped a crockpot of soup on around 6 or 7 p.m. expecting it to run overnight. Problem is that the crockpot is on a counter in that pantry. With old homes which settle, it can dribble down a beam and even exit at a different spot than the last time. Part of me thinks I should turn everything off in that room even the outside light on the other side of the wall. I normally leave that pantry light on all night - it's central in a way and we've done that for 18 years in here.

Yes, I have faith. Yes, I have prayed. And I am still praying.

But often faith is not quite strong enough in we humans to totally quell the fears. I don't want to turn everything off in there, plus have a just-begun soup sitting on a counter, cooling until I can find a spot somehow to shove it in the fridge until the weather clears and the risk is past.

I know some folks wouldn't understand my concerns. But a few years ago, I had a major leak in one spot that came down over the TV in the living room. I do not like water near wiring.

Anyhow, I guess I just need to keep praying. That still won't mean that I will sleep well.

I was really looking forward to a good sleep tonight. Every morning recently, I had to get up and leave the house for something or other. Friday it was the charity crafters, Saturday and Sunday it was to deliver newsletters, Monday to the gastroenterologist, Tuesday to my primary care doctor, and this morning to the podiatrist. I really looked forward to rest tonight and an easy morning tomorrow. Ah well - it is what it is.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you, too, faced fears of sorts yourself, in the garden. You wept. My fears are nowhere near the level of yours but I dare to ask for your help. Please help me to have faith and to do what the Father wishes of me. If I'm to have faith (the rain is not heavy this time) and to try to sleep while this nourishing soup cooks overnight, then I will relax in that. If I'm to do something else, I pray for the wisdom to understand and to do so. The Father led us to this home; I believe he will continue to protect us and it. Meanwhile, I trust in you.

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