Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Today: Newsletter, Deliveries, Yarn, and Food, Oh My...

Lots of fun odds and ends to tackle today.

Newsletter - Must do the "event calendar" for the back page of the newsletter. When that's done, I'm ready to print early tomorrow morning. It's easy, though.

Yarn - Our charity crafting group received 4 sacks of donated yarn Friday. I must sort that, today, hopefully. I'll pack at least 2 bags for our one crafter who works from her home, and sort the rest for our other needs. I took the bags to the big bedroom early this morning from the pantry. They've been sitting on the dryer since Friday (sigh). It's easier for me to sort if I spread it out on the bed. Happily, Silkie is not a cat who leaps into the middle of yarn, the only one I've ever had without a yarn-fetish.

Food - I stabbed the 2 spaghetti squashes that a friend brought me last week, nuked them to soften them, cut them short-wise, after they cooled, and seeded them. Needed to nuke just a tad longer for the innards. Scraped out the strands afterwards and topped with sauce from a jar in the fridge, and tucked into the freezer for down the line single servings.

I should also rinse the sack of pears from the one food pantry today. I'll let them dry overnight in the one colander. Then tomorrow, or Thursday latest, I'll dice and pack and freeze them before they spoil.

Crochet - In between things, I work on some scarves. I love to watch Millionaire on TV at 11 am, so that's a good time.

Deliveries - this week, I should get 4 deliveries. One came today, the toner for the printer for the newsletter. I should also get, along the way, rubber bands for our newsletter deliverers, an order of OTC (over the counter) supplies that our insurance gives us free, quarterly. I get things like generic Halls, generic Band-Aids, denture cleaner tablets, other stuff. And something else is coming that isn't coming to mind - I just remember that I couldn't find it locally and had to order online.

Rolling along...

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