Monday, October 22, 2018

Pacing Myself - Eliminating Some Commitments

Moving along but not at a frantic pace. I'm trying these days to gentle myself down, stress-wise. For a while, things got out of hand. I was trying to split myself six-ways-from-Sunday. It was worse than a heavy exercise session - isn't it odd how it's easier to recover from physical fatigue than it is from mental fatigue?

After my fiasco with the park wide yard sale the first weekend of the month, I began to realize I will really and truly be 80 next year and I really and truly want to enjoy what time I've got left on this earth and in my own home. I reviewed my commitments and my promises... I've decided to cut back in a few small but stress-busting ways.

I still have no trouble with my monthly volunteer work on our park newsletter. I still enjoy that to an extent and it is right here in my park.

I have ended my desire to do the semi-annual yard sale. In one way, that freed me up. Everything in here will just go for charity pickups. Nothing is worth much and this way I won't be slowed down by going through everything. It - will - just - go. Fini.

Food pantries had really become a burden more than a blessing. I do still relish and enjoy much of what I get but I spend so much time and labor distributing what I couldn't use that it was weighing on me. I'll cut back to just 2 of the easiest; occasionally I'll do that other one to fill in my produce, but not often.

My charity crafting is still enjoyable so that will be fine.

Occasionally helping a friend feed his beloved pups when he's gone is another joy that will remain on my to-do list.

So my focus will be in here this winter. I want to organize and remove, and then see about organizing what's left so that I can really relax. I've never had the time to really enjoy my home. Life hands us lots of surprises as it is, so I want to enjoy the quieter spots in-between those times of crisis. They will come; but I must focus on me, myself, and I (but not, I pray, to a selfish degree!).
Rolling along...

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