Thursday, October 25, 2018

Little by Little

After I posted on Tuesday (see post here), I did manage to do just about everything I mentioned. I still have not done those pears, though, and I did not get to sorting that yarn on that day. MUST do the pears this weekend! My toner and rubber bands were delivered; just 2 other deliveries to go. Not bad for that day.

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours printing the newsletter. I did not do a whole lot of anything else, though, except for routine things: feed and care for the cat, feed and care for myself (made coffee for 3 more days), took trash bins to the curb, that sort of thing.

Today wasn't a whole lot better, productivity-wise. I spent 2 hours stapling the newsletter. And, of course, the routine things like taking care of the cat and myself, bringing the trash bins back in, etc. Oh, I did finally sort 2 of those huge bags of yarn today and packed 3 big brown Trader Joe bags for our one crafter. The other 2 bags are all white. Will need to work it into things and use it up. We only use white for an accent or between other colors when we do things for the homeless. Oh, and I had a whole bunch of little yogurts, about 6, from a food pantry, and their dates were getting close so I tossed them all into the blender with a can of beets and made a healthier batch to sip for a few days.

Tomorrow morning is for the charity crafting. Afterwards, I do hope to change the litter and I must roll 120 newsletters so I can deliver them Saturday and Sunday morning.
Rolling along...

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