Saturday, October 27, 2018

Homeless Projects Picked up and Delivered!

Crocheting and/or knitting projects for the local homeless is only one small, delightful step in a process. We've been in it now since April, 2009. We've learned a lot. We've learned to make it delightful and to keep it stress-free.

There are 3 steps in this process.

Step one is getting the yarn. Once you begin this, it is addictive. We started out using up our own scraps. We graduated to thrift shops, Craigslist and other sources and finally began getting wonderful yarn donations.

Step two is making the items. Some of our gals work with us on Friday mornings, others work from their homes and drop the things off. We insist that each team member makes it fun along the way - nobody makes anything out of their skill or happiness-range. We work patterns we know and love and everything must be washable and durable and warm.

Step three is often the most difficult - distribution. We have gone through many many ways of distributing our items. Once we had to stop one drop because we found our "things" on sale at a local thrift shop. Our sole purpose is to have our things end up directly on a homeless person's bod to keep them warm. These days, we are delighted to have a connection that distributes to two area priests, each one distributing directly to those in need.

Step three also involved stashing all the items until they can be dropped to our connection. This morning, we began that last process once again.

The photo shows 13 bags (13-gallon size) which I brought out of my house, down the steps and to the front of the driveway. From there, the team member who's been with me since we began, and her hubby, drove over and stuffed them all into their SUV. You can see him happily grabbing that last bag! From there, they drove to the next stop, the gal who will break them up according to each priest's need and get them to each priest.

Each person along the way contributes in their own unique and comfy way. We make two drops a year, usually.

Our count for this drop
Scarves - 116
Ear warmers - 63
Hats - 272
Gloves - 54

Thank you, Father, for each of these people and for their love and compassion!

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