Sunday, August 6, 2017

Prepping For 5 Hours of PBS Music Specials

Most of you know I do a lot of food prep and freeze and stash of lot of that prepped food. This works towards keeping my labs/health in check (lower readings), using fresh foods in season or on special (financial), and satisfying my foodie urges (convenience: defrost and/or nuke).

This morning I noticed when I checked the broadcast TV schedule online that PBS is having back to back “oldies” specials. It is part of their fundraising/pledge drive. 

Between 1 pm and 6 pm (very shortly), I’ll be sitting watching the 50s (Chordettes, Patti Page, Four Lads, Four Aces, etc.) and 70s (R&B, Soul and Motown) stars and acts of the past - my past. 

I’ll make myself feel a little useful during this vegging-out time by crocheting. But I will also be nibbling, which is what I do. I have some quick-and-easy snacks, mini-meals lined up, all healthy and already prepared.

A month ago, I froze some spaghetti squash topped with sauce, in very small individual cups. I already have some beef/soy burgers (cooked a while back and frozen), so I’ll nuke a burger and one spaghetti squash for one quickie. I already have some of my favorite carrot/raisin/avocado salad in the fridge and a small amount of crushed pineapple left from a batch of yogurt smoothies, and I’ll have about half a cup of that along the way. So, those are some of the things I’ll enjoy.

I hope you are all having a really nicely peace-filled day, my friends.

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