Monday, August 7, 2017

Community Water Off Middle of the Day Today

No matter where you live, you are always grateful for the few times they can actually schedule a water shut-off. So many times, these are unexpected because of emergencies - breaks in the main, etc.

We had signs posted on our Mail Room and Clubhouse doors for the past few days. The water company will shut everything off between 11 and 1 or 2 today. Of course we all know that anything and everything can cause it to go longer. However, I am very grateful I knew ahead of time.

Preparing for it ahead of time, I put a pea soup in the crock pot overnight. This morning I have already (at 7 a.m.) moved it from the pantry to the kitchen. I ladled it into 4 two-cup containers and 6 one-cup containers, to cool today in the fridge. I have the very meaty ham bone already removed to another bowl where later today I will portion it into the containers. Then, tomorrow, I’ll label and freeze them.

The good thing is that I knew ahead of time, cooked it, and cleaned up any and all breakfast and soup dishes. Now I’ll only have minimal water needs during the shut off.

Lots of small things on my to-do list today. Gotta finish my coffee and get going...

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