Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fun Food Frenzy

I have a couple of friends, a couple, in fact, from a small piece of land about 60 miles away. They have a wondrous garden. This wondrous garden produces some wondrous bounty.

This couple loves, loves, loves to garden. Their gardening, to me, amounts to a small farm. And they end up with produce-overload when nature is generous with some crops. Then they make a trip up my way for many other reasons and they drop off fresh “stuff.” Oh, how I love, love, love their fresh “stuff.”

Today, these wonderful folks dropped off a couple of spaghetti squash, butternut squash, a really nice eggplant, and some teeny tiny tomatoes. They also dropped off some frozen pouches of cute little apricots from their trees, plus some sliced peaches. Yep, they were sliced already. And the apricots were already freed of their pits. How great is that?

The thing is, I have a really hard time managing funds for fresh fruit and produce, so this is a real treat for me. It’s not like it solves all my problems, but I will truly enjoy the eating while I work out my problems. And the eating will be healthy.

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