Thursday, August 10, 2017

Several Prayers in My Heart at the Moment

There are several things on my mind tonight. I am concerned for a few friends who are going through some tough times.

Some of it involves caregiving and the caregivers are beginning to feel the effects and I worry about that.

Some of it involves my own fluctuating not-yet-resolved financial issues. I am thinking of re-activating my Etsy shop even though it didn’t bring much in. I am not sure my loan is to the point that I can re-finance and even then, it might not be quite enough. Some things I am trying will not bear fruit for a little while. I’m just considering my options and praying about these and others on the table.

And there are a few other folks I am concerned about. In one case, I’m trying to not feel as though I have been “used” by someone. But there has been no effort to explain why this situation has come to this point.

Anyhow, it’s a bunch of things and I will simply turn it over and let the Lord guide me and help me to figure it out.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you lived here yourself. You had friends and loved ones. You felt sorrow over their troubles. You saw those who used others. And you prayed for help yourself when in the Garden. Please glance my way now and see those who I hope you will comfort and who you will help in whatever way they need that help. We trust in you.

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