Saturday, July 1, 2017

Update on Recent Prayer Requests

Thank you, little Prayer Angels, for your most recent prayers. Not everything is over and not everyone is out of the woods, but things are progressing.

On my brother’s nuclear bone scan, Friday, to see whether his prostate cancer has spread to the bones, he will get the results July 12. We’re in a holding pattern on this one...

On my friends’ car: although in a way it is as bad as they were first told, in another way it is not as bad as they were first told. The original estimate was much higher and the way the issues were presented were way out of line and more frightening than they should have been. It was suggested all the issues involved were all things that needed to be immediately.

We went to my mechanic. He did a complete inspection of the problem. Yes, the issues were real. But his estimate was lower and he took the time to completely explain precisely which things needed to be handled immediately and then which ones came next, and so forth. He explained what to expect along the way. Yes, they are sweating the costs, but now at least they are not terrified to drive while they work things out.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for your support and compassion during our times of fear and worry here on earth. It is good to know you have our backs. We continue to trust in you.

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