Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Spaghetti Squash and White Potatoes - Today’s Plans

A couple of weeks ago, a couple I know brought me some stuff from their garden. I love when they bring me spaghetti squash in the mix. The thing is, those babies are tough. It’s getting more difficult to pierce or halve them without a chain saw. 

After some online research, I am trying something with both that tough-rind spaghetti squash and some potatoes.

The potatoes: around the same time the other produce (squash, apricots, etc.) arrived, a local food bank distributed to our residents in this senior mobile home park. Among other things, I inherited a 10 lb. bag of medium sized white potatoes. Now, I rarely eat “white” these days (it’s usually sweet potatoes), so I’ve been working on ways to preserve these for the few times a month I use them. Yesterday I boiled 5 or 6 of them and they are in the fridge for home-fries and other things. I might even take them and shred them on my grater for a “bed” of hash browns (another online tip) for my frequent veggie omelets.

Anyhow, my online research led me to realize I do not have to individually foil-wrap the potatoes for the slow cooker. I just pierced each one twice with a fork and rinsed them off. Ditto the tough squash. I plopped them all in the slow cooker (no water added; a tight seal will create enough steam, it said). To create a really tight seal, also per online research, I tore off a square of foil and plopped it across the top before putting on the lid. They are now cooking, low, for 10 hours.

Afterwards, I will eat the spaghetti squash over a day or so and freeze immediately any I know I won’t use that fast. I will freeze the potatoes, separated by wax paper squares or some way, to take out from time to time.

I’ll let everyone know whether that helped with handling that spaghetti squash.

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