Friday, June 30, 2017

One More Prayer Request - Another Car Issue

Seems like things really do come in bunches. Right now, I’m thinking this about prayer requests. I had to make one for myself on the 28th, then for my brother on the 30th, and now another on the 30th.

On the 28th, one of my personal requests was medical and one was about my car. My car issue was happily resolved.

Today, though, I am very worried about the car belonging to some friends. They are, if possible, even worse off than I am. And, if possible, they need their car even more than I need mine. They are facing major problems with their old car. Tomorrow morning, early, we’ll get a second opinion from my guy because the first one seems excessive.

For now, that’s all I can share with you. There is a need and I hope you Prayer Angels will help.

You folks are all so compassionate. You don’t even seem to realize how special you are.

Sweet Lord Jesus, I know you didn’t have cars in your days here on earth. But you had transportation, whether beasts of burden or rolling carts or whatever. Even then, many had to depend on those modes of transportation. Please recall those days and what transportation means to so many, and glance this way. Bless these folks with an amazing or at least realistic solution. Help them get back on track with their vehicle. We trust in you.

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