Friday, June 30, 2017

Ooops - Almost Forgot About My Brother

Back in March, I began mentioning our fears over my baby brother (he’s 73 already - how did that happen?). He had just raised flags with PSA levels and was facing tests. The tests have moved along, bit by bit. He’s out in a rather desolate area, 25 miles from the nearest “real” town, so medical appointments aren’t as quickly arranged as they are for most of us.

Anyhow, some of those tests, including biopsies of the prostrate area, are painful and invasive.

He’s made his peace with the fact that he does, indeed, have prostrate 
cancer. Now they must determine how invasive the disease is in his case.

Today he goes for the final test to determine how far, or how little, the cancer has gone. He’s getting a nuclear bone scan. This one is not painful or invasive. A shot of the dye, then the scan. But it’s the results we are worried about.

So, you Prayer Angels out there, can you squeeze out a little prayer on this one? My brother and his wife are strong. They would cope with whatever treatment is needed. But my fear is the distance they must travel to get that treatment, the condition of their old, old vehicle and those old, old roads, the time in between the treatments.

Sweet Jesus, you developed deep love for many of your friends and relatives here on earth. You know that love and you know the fear that comes with an illness like this. Please guide all the technicians today so we get an accurate reading. Please glance in my brother’s direction and if according to the Father’s will, let the results be bearable (and even a happy surprise if possible) for my brother. I trust in you.

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