Thursday, July 13, 2017

Update on Prayer Request for my Brother

For our Prayer Angels - about the request I made regarding the results of a nuclear bone scan test yesterday for my brother - he called me today to say that the low-level prostate cancer has not spread to the bones. They will treat the existing cancer with hormones. We had a little fun on the phone with that one - comic relief, in a way, to relieve the stress we both felt while waiting for results.

They did find a small spot on his kidney and will do a needle biopsy on that next month. The fact that they are waiting a month tells me that this needs to be checked but is not critical.

So, thank you my friends. For now, he is in a holding pattern and not in frantic mode. I thank you for your help.

Lord Jesus, thank you for hearing our prayers. Please continue to watch over my brother, and over all those who took a moment to pray for someone they don’t even know.

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