Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vintage Knitting Sweater Pattern Wheels - A Question

Any of my knitting friends remember those cardboard sweater wheels for knitting from 1969? 

On one 12” square, with a spinning center, it gave patterns for sizes 6 mos to 48 (both men and women), for cardigan, round and v-neck styles, all long sleeve, and for yarn weights of fingering, sport and worsted, and in choices of set-in sleeves or raglan sleeves - 360 patterns in all, on just a square foot of cardboard, easy to stash in a project bag. And each one comes in its own plastic slip-bag for protection.

Back in the day, they only cost a couple of dollars. Now they are 1-year shy of 50 years old.

Well, I found the two Jane and I had back in the day. And I planned on putting them out there for sale before I closed my Etsy shop. Now I hope to maybe list them on Facebook.

The Question:

How much should I charge for them? I have seen these, believe it or not, just last week on eBay, etc., for between $35 and $75! Yes, I realize they are “vintage” and when you tack that onto a description, anything goes, price-wise. But as much as I need funds, there’s no way I can justify that.

So, my knitting friends, even though you wouldn’t need either of these nowadays, what do you think I could/should ask? The shipping will be tricky - they weigh nothing, but I’d want them in something sturdy so they wouldn’t bend. I’ll be pricing that this coming week.

I stopped using them when I stopped knitting, but Jane used them a few times. They look just about new and not faded and still easy to read.

Oh, folks should know that everything is made in pieces - you’d have to love the challenge of  “piecing together” a sweater to use one of these!

Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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